Beirut Governor initiates campaign to remove partisan, political & sectarian slogans from the city


NNA - Beirut Municipality Public Relations Department announced, in an issued statement today, that Beirut Governor Judge Marwan Abboud has initiated in coordination with all those concerned the campaign to be launched during the upcoming week to render Beirut city free of partisan, political and sectarian slogans.

In this framework, Governor Abboud gave his instructions to the Beirut Municipality sanitation department to support the Beirut Fire Brigade and Guard, to remove all slogans, posters, flags and advertisements scattered across the capital’s streets, on the walls of buildings, light poles, all public places and government buildings, on fences, tree trunks, roadblocks, telephone and electricity poles, light signals and others, especially those belonging to the candidates for the parliamentary elections which were distributed everywhere in violation of the law.



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