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  • Thursday 14 Sep | 09:50 Politics - Lebanese newspapers' headlines for Thursday, September 14, 2023
    NNA - An-Nahar: Garnering a majority for dialogue does not pass Le Drian's mission   Nidaa al-Watan: Ain el-Hilweh ceasefire collapses, Fatah intransigent about handing over the wanted   Ad-Diyar: Le Drian passes initiative on to Berri; dialogue opponents: President election first   Asharq al-Awsat: Le Drian's mission hits Lebanese reservations over dialogue                 =============R.A.H.
  • Wednesday 13 Sep | 17:42 Miscellaneous - Clashes renew in the Palestinian refugee camp of Ain el-Hilweh
    NNA - Sidon - The Palestinian refugee camp of Ain al-Hilweh witnessed a series of ceasefire violations, which concentrated before noon on the Hittin neighborhood, where a shell fell on one of the neighborhood houses, causing material damage. This afternoon, the sound of two shells was heard, followed by gunfire, which soon developed into renewed clashes between Fatah and the Islamists on the axis of the Hattin Jabal al-Halib neighborhood, in which rocket-propelled grenades and machine guns were used. ———————— L.Y
  • Wednesday 13 Sep | 12:01 Security & Law - Heavy gunfire breaks Ain el-Hilweh calm
    NNA - Heavy gunfire has broken the cautious calm that has prevailed earlier in the Palestinian refugee camp of Ain-el-Hilweh, especially in Hattin Street.                   =============R.A.H.
  • Wednesday 13 Sep | 11:59 Politics - Mikati chairs Lebanese-Palestinian meeting to discuss Ain el-Hilweh situation
    NNA - Caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati is currently chairing a meeting at the Grand Serail devoted to discussing the situation in the Palestinian refugee camp of Ain el-Hilweh, with the participation of the Palestinian Liberation Organization official Azzam Ahmad, Palestinian Ambassador Ashraf Dabbour, Fathi Aboul Ardat from Fatah Movement, Lebanese army commander General Joseph Aoun, interim chief of the General Security Major General Elias Baysari, and army intelligence chief General Toni Qahwaji.                       ==============R.A.H.
  • Wednesday 13 Sep | 09:50 Politics - Fatah, Hamas agree to clinch ceasefire in Ain el-Hilweh
    NNA - Cautious calm continues to prevail in the Palestinian refugee camp of Ain el-Hilweh, following a day of intermittent clashes that left thee injured.   At night, Fatah and Hamas movements issued a joint statement following their meeting at the Palestinian Embassy in Beirut, during which they discussed the situation in the battered camp. The two sides agreed to clinch ceasefire inside the camp, and stressed the obligation to hand over the killers of Abu Sharaf al-Armoushi and his comrades. They also agreed on facilitating the return of the displaced camp's residents.                     ===========R.A.H.
  • Wednesday 13 Sep | 09:37 Politics - Lebanese newspapers' headlines for Wednesday, September 13, 2023
    NNA - Al-Akhbar: Le Drian's last mission: Riyadh, Paris on same wavelength   Nidaa al-Watan: Fatah, Hamas agree over roadmap in Ain-el-Hilweh   As-Sharq: Mikati hails budget approval as 'heroic act'...Le Drian insists on dialogue                   =============R.A.H.
  • Tuesday 12 Sep | 17:52 Miscellaneous - Scope of heavy clashes expands at Ain al-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp
    NNA - Clashes have expanded in Ain al-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp, with heavy usage of shells and bombs, our reporter said on Tuesday, adding that a shell landed near McDonald's - Sidon, on the southern edge of the city. Bullets also fell heavily within the Lebanese University neighborhood in Sidon.        =========R.H.
  • Tuesday 12 Sep | 17:39 Politics - Palestinian, Norwegian Ambassadors discuss developments in occupied Palestinian Territories, refugee camps
    NNA - Palestinian Ambassador to Lebanon, Ashraf Dabour, on Tuesday welcomed Norwegian Ambassador to Lebanon, Martin Yttervik.  According to a statement issued by the embassy’s press office, Dabour briefed the Norwegian Ambassador on “the latest developments in the occupied Palestinian territories and on the ongoing Israeli attacks against Palestinians and their Islamic and Christian sanctities, especially in the city of Jerusalem.”  The pair also discussed the situation in Palestinian refugee camps, especially at Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp.       ============R.H.
  • Tuesday 12 Sep | 16:33 Miscellaneous - Clashes renewed at Ain al-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp
    NNA - Clashes have renewed at the Hattin axis inside Ain al-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp, our reporter said on Tuesday, adding that the sounds of shells and bullets could be heard throughout the city of Sidon.       =============R.H.
  • Tuesday 12 Sep | 16:24 Politics - General Security’s Bisri, Saad follow up on latest developments at Ain Al-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp
    NNA - Acting Director General of Lebanon’s General Security, Major General Elias Al-Bisri, on Tuesday welcomed MP Osama Saad, with whom he discussed the latest local developments, especially those involving Ain Al-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp.     ===========R.H.
  • Tuesday 12 Sep | 14:35 Politics - Mufti Derian meets “National Moderation” bloc delegation, General Security Acting Chief Baissari
    NNA – Grand Mufti of the Lebanese Republic, Sheikh Abdul Latif Derian, on Tuesday received at Dar Al-Fatwa, a delegation from the "National Moderation Bloc", who congratulated him on renewing his term. Mufti Derian also met at Dar Fatwa with Acting Director General of General Security, Brigadier General Elias Baissari, with whom he discussed general affairs. Brigadier General Baissari briefed Mufti Derian on the endeavors and efforts he made to stop the fighting in the Ain al-Hilweh camp, and stressed that “communications and consultations are continuing to establish a ceasefire in the Ain al-Hilweh camp, whatever the reasons, out of compassion for the citizens and to preserve their lives.” —————— L.Y
  • Tuesday 12 Sep | 09:25 Security & Law - Cautious calm prevails in Ain-el-Hilweh
    NNA - Cautious calm is prevailing in the Palestinian refugee camp of Ain-el-Hilweh with intermittent machinegun bursts being heard from time to time.               ==============R.A.H.
  • Tuesday 12 Sep | 09:23 Politics - Lebanese newspapers' headlines for Tuesday, September 12, 2023
    NNA - Al-Binaa: Government tasks foreign minister with dialogue with Syrian over alarming refugee file   As-Sharq: Aounist ministers disrupt cabinet session devoted to Syrian refugee file   Nidaa al-Watan: Ain El-Hilweh camp tests ceasefire anew, Palestinian president envoy takes action today   An-Nahar: Army chief to government: We are facing an existential threat!                   ============R.A.H.
  • Monday 11 Sep | 17:50 Miscellaneous - Clashes intensify at Ain al-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp
    NNA - Clashes intensified on Monday afternoon between "Fatah" movement and "Islamist” groups at Ain al-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp, with reports of machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades being used.  Stray bullets have reached the Hisba market at the southern entrance of Sidon city and penetrated one of the warehouses.  A stray bullet also penetrated a vegetable cart at the seaside Corniche.  Bullets also reached "Total" station located on Maghdoucheh road.       =========R.H.
  • Monday 11 Sep | 16:01 Politics - Army chief follows up on Ain el-Hilweh developments with Palestinian Ambassador
    NNA - Army Commander, General Joseph Aoun, on Monday received at his Yarzeh office, the Ambassador of Palestine to Lebanon, Ashraf Dabbour, with whom he followed up on the developments in the Palestinian refugee camp of Ain el-Hilweh. Maj. Gen. Aoun later met with MP Najat Aoun Saliba, with whom he discussed the country’s general situation.  ———————— L.Y
  • Monday 11 Sep | 14:13 Miscellaneous - Stray bullets hit State Security office at Sidon Serail and a number of neighborhoods in the city center
    NNA - The clashes inside the Ain el-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp are still ongoing between the Fatah movement and the armed groups, which led to the stray bullets falling in the neighborhoods and streets of the city of Sidon.  In this context, the State Security Office at the Sidon government Serail was hit by stray bullets, which led to the shattering of a window glass, with no one injured. Stray bullets also hit a number of buildings on Ghassan Hammoud Street in the city center, and two shells were reported to have fallen at the Natasha Saad Street intersection in the Dalaa neighborhood, with no injuries reported. —————— L.Y
  • Monday 11 Sep | 11:37 Politics - Hamas denies backing armed groups in Ain-el-Hilweh
    NNA - The press office of Hamas in Lebanon denied, in a statement on Monday, reports claiming that the movement, alongside Hezbollah and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group, was backing the gunmen fighting in the refugee camp of Ain-el-Hilweh in order to "take over the Palestinian decision in the Palestinian camps in Lebanon." "We reject these void and fake claims that contradict our policies and beliefs, and we consider them a new-fangled attempt to distort the image of Hamas Movement and the Palestinian resistance," said Hamas. "Since day one of the events, we have worked with all the Palestinian and Lebanese factions and forces, in addition to the Lebanese security apparatuses and the Palestinian Ambassador to Lebanon, to cease fire and preserve the camp, its residents, and the Lebanese neighborhood. We will continue our efforts with all the loyal sides to ensure security and stability inside the camp," the Movement added. "Hamas and the Palestinian factions in Lebanon are working collectively within the framework of the Joint Palestinian Action Committee that is tasked with running all the affairs relevant to our Palestinian people in Lebanon; there is no battle over powers or the Palestinian decision," Hamas went on saying. "These claims are totally untrue, and they only serve the Israeli occupation and the enemies of the Resistance," it concluded.                     =============R.A.H.
  • Monday 11 Sep | 11:15 Security & Law - Ain-el-Hilweh's fifth day of clashes: One killed, many injured
    NNA - Clashes continued for the fifth day inside the Palestinian refugee camp of Ain-el-Hilweh, killing one person and wounding many others. The fighting intensified at dawn following a relative calm throughout the night, with machineguns and RPGs being reportedly used. Sniper fire also hit neighboring streets and regions in Saida. The city's southern entrance has been closed; traffic has been rerouted to the seaside freeway.                     ============R.A.H.
  • Monday 11 Sep | 09:54 Politics - Hamas slams attack on Lebanese army outposts as 'suspicious act'
    NNA - The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) in Lebanon condemned, in a statement on Monday, the attacks on two Lebanese army outposts in the vicinity of Ain-el-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp in Saida and the injury of five soldiers. According to Hamas, this attack is "a suspicious act aiming to tamper with the army and Lebanon's sovereignty, as well as to shuffle the cards and steer the (direction of) events in the camp towards a dangerous place." The Movement wished speedy recovery of the injured soldiers, hailing the Lebanese army's professionalism, patience, and keenness on the Palestinian people.                       ==============R.A.H.
  • Monday 11 Sep | 09:34 Politics - Limited morning clashes in Ain-l-Hilweh
    NNA - Intermittent night clashes between Fatah Movement and Islamist groups have intensified his morning but remained limited to the fighting front, our correspondent reported. A meeting is scheduled to take place today between the interim chief of the General Security, Major General Elias Baysari, and the representatives of the Palestinian factions to discuss means to end the fighting.                     ==============R.A.H.
  • Monday 11 Sep | 09:33 Politics - Lebanese newspapers' headlines for Monday, September 11, 2023
    NNA - As-Sharq: In its last days, Islamic Sharia Council extends Mufti Derian's term   Al-Liwaa: Ain-el-Hilweh battles hit the army and paralyze Saida; decisive meeting scheduled for today   Ad-Diyar: Le Drian in Beirut today or tomorrow morning...Five-nation committee embarrasses the French   An-Nahar: Le Drian's third round: Any new proposals?                         ==============R.A.H.
  • Sunday 10 Sep | 20:31 Security & Law - A number of soldiers were wounded as a result of a bombshell falling on their post in Jabal Al-Halib
    NNA - A number of Lebanese Army soldiers were injured as a result of a bombshell falling on their post in Jabal Al-Halib, and they were transferred to hospital for treatment while the army responded to the source of fire. The Army Command had previously warned against targeting army positions during clashes inside Ain al-Hilweh camp, otherwise it would respond to the fire source.   ==========R.Sh.
  • Sunday 10 Sep | 20:12 Miscellaneous - South Governor announces closure of Sidon Serail due to clashes in Ain al-Hilweh
    NNA - Governor of the South, Mansour Daou, announced in a statement on Sunday, "the closure of the official departments operating in the Serail of Sidon due to the security developments in Ain al-Hilweh camp, in order to ensure the safety of citizens and employees."   =======R.Sh.
  • Sunday 10 Sep | 17:57 Security & Law - Intensity of clashes decreases inside Ain El-Helweh camp
    NNA - Clashes decreased in intensity inside the Ain el-Hilweh camp this evening, after climaxing throughout the day on several axes, as the camp currently witnesses intermittent clashes after the "Muslim Youth” issued a statement requesting a ceasefire.  In a call with the National News Agency, the director of Al-Hamshari Hospital in Sidon and member of the leadership of the Fatah movement, Riyad Aboul-Enein, indicated that “it would have been better for the 'Muslim Youth' to hasten the hand over of the killers of Brigadier General Abu Ashraf Al-Armouchi and his companions, and to implement the decisions of the Palestian embassy meeting in order to end clashes and stabilize the ceasefire.” He added that “the Fatah movement is committed to the ceasefire decision, but every time we work to implement it, our members are surprised by an attack and shooting, which forces a response to the source of fire, thus igniting the clashes axes once again.” Aboul-Enein also indicated that the death toll of the clashes since they broke out reached 5 dead persons and 52 wounded, adding that there are seven points for the hospital's medical teams deployed at the axes of the clashes inside the camp, who are working to transport the wounded and treat minor cases at field.   ========R.Sh.  
  • Sunday 10 Sep | 16:13 Miscellaneous - Citizen injured by stray bullets en route to Ghaziyeh
    NNA - Al-Zahrani - Citizen Abed Ballout was injured by stray bullets while passing on the road to the town of Ghaziyeh, as a result of ongoing clashes in Ain al-Hilweh camp on Sunday.   ========R.Sh.
  • Sunday 10 Sep | 14:19 Security & Law - One person injured in Ain El-Hilweh's renewed clashes
    NNA - National News Agency correspondent in Sidon reported today that the Ain al-Hilweh camp square witnessed clashes between the "Fatah" movement and the militant groups at the Hittin axis, during which machine guns and rocket shells were used, as one fell next to the camp on the eastern highway that connects the city of Sidon to the South. A number of rocket shells also exploded in the airspace over the city of Sidon, the trail of Al-Sim and Sirop, and the reckless bullets led to the injury of citizen Adnan Al-Zakinon in the Taameer Ain al-Hilweh area, in addition to causing material damages in one of the vehicles parked in the Taameer Saida alley, NNA correspondent added.   ==========R.Sh.
  • Sunday 10 Sep | 12:13 Security & Law - Clashes continue in Ain El-Hilweh camp
    NNA - The violations by Fatah Movement and the extremist groups of the ceasefire resolution that was put in place yesterday evening did not succeed and are continuing. The Hattin front, the school axis, the Tameer al-Tahtani area, is witnessing intense clashes, as sounds of gunfire and shells exchanged are heard, some of which explode in the camp space. On a different note, the tents that were erected yesterday near the municipal stadium at the northern entrance to the city of Sidon to shelter the displaced from the camp were a source of rejection by the city’s activists, which prompted Prime Minister Najib Mikati and the Minister of Interior and Municipalities, Bassam Al-Mawlawi, to issue a decision according to which the security forces removed the tents.      
  • Sunday 10 Sep | 11:30 Politics - Wronecka calls on warring parties to stop armed clashes
    NNA -‏The United Nations Special Coordinator for Lebanon, Joanna Wronecka, said ‏on X-platform that "the ongoing fighting in Ein El-Hilweh Palestine refugee camp exacerbates the suffering of residents, especially the most vulnerable." She urged the warring parties that “what’s needed is clear: stop armed clashes, resume dialogue and allow UNRWA to provide education and other humanitarian services."      
  • Saturday 09 Sep | 19:53 Politics - Palestinian Joint Action Committee ends its meeting with a “decisive ceasefire agreement”
    NNA - Sidon - The Joint Palestinian Action Committee in Lebanon ended its meeting this afternoon with a "decisive agreement on a cease-fire in the Ain al-Hilweh camp." It announced that two delegations entered the camp, one heading to the barracks area to hold a meeting with the Fatah movement and the National Security leadership, and another to the headquarters of the Islamic League of Ansar to meet with the Islamic forces. Contacts took place between the two parties and with the remaining forces to establish the cease-fire and prevent any violation of it.   =========R.Sh.
  • Saturday 09 Sep | 18:23 Security & Law - Clashes intensify in Ain al-Hilweh camp this afternoon
    NNA - National News Agency correspondent reported that the clashes in Ain al-Hilweh camp intensified this afternoon, extending to the points of al-Tiri, Ras al-Ahmar, al-Safsaf, and al-Barakat along al-Fawqani Street, as echoes of shells were heard, one of which fell in a ceramic factory on the Arab roundabout in Sidon, which led to the burning of some of its equipment...Stray bullets also wounded an employee of Osseiran Hospital, while an ambulance transported another wounded person who was injured near the waste factory in the city.   =======R.Sh.
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