Most prominent events of 2016: Election of Lebanese President, terror rocks the world

NNA - The year 2016 was an eventful one. But, perhaps the prime event of the year was the election of General Michel Aoun as President, after a two and a half year vacancy at Baabda Palace. This event was followed by forming a new Cabinet headed by Saad Hariri, which won the vote of confidence two months after formation.

On the security level, security apparatuses craftily and accurately dismantled numerous terrorist cells, and arrested many of the masterminds behind them. A number of drug laboratories were seized and many drug traffickers were detained at the airport and seaports.

Tourism flourished in 2016, as festivals bustled with international artists. Literary and artistic exhibitions were high on the tourism agenda of Lebanon as well.
The art world lost many legends of the golden age of music such as Melhem Barakat, Samir Yazbek, and Mouna Meraachli. Actors Ali Diab and Joseph Nanou also passed away, leaving a legacy that would forever keep them alive.

Internationally, terrorism reigned over 2016. Suicide bombers and car bombs targeted people wherever they may be, even on a plane, in a church, and at a mosque. Terrorists devised new menacing ways to hurt people, and mass running-over of innocent civilians by trucks emerged in France and Germany. But, the most heinous of these terror acts were the booby-trapping of children and burning of hostages.

Air-crash accidents and attacks also occurred in 2016. The planes ranged from military to civilian.
Years go by and the cycle of events repeats itself. The National News Agency wishes its followers a happy New Year. Following is a roundabout of the major events of 2016:

January 2016

- Snowstorm hits Lebanon and snow reaches 250 meters in a number of areas.

- Saudi Arabia executes 47 people convicted of terrorism, including cleric Nimr al-Nimr.
- Attack targets KSA Embassy in Tehran. 

- Former Minister Fouad Boutros passes away.
- 14 kilos of cocaine seized in luggage of Lebanese man coming from Brazil.
- Saudi Arabia announces severance of diplomatic relations with Iran.

- Resistance announces Martyr Samir Kuntar's group detonation of an Israeli patrol, enemy responds by shelling a number of areas.
- Sudan severs diplomatic relations with Iran.

- Number of ISIS militants die after targeting the Lebanese Army near Khirbet Daoud.
- Bahrain announces suspension of flights to and from Iran.

- Iranian diplomatic mission members leave Saudi Arabia.

- Parliament postpones 34th presidential election session.
- Standoff between "We want Accountability" activists and the security forces in front of the Central Inspection building.
- Iran prohibits entry of all KSA products. Constitutional council re-appeals restoration of citizenship law.
- Somalia announces severing diplomatic ties with Iran.

- The Government of Japan has provides $ 2 million in support of host communities and displaced Syrians in Lebanon.
- Armed terrorists kill ISF member in Arsal.

- Artist Rafik Oueijan passes away.

- Security forces arrest key member involved in Burj Barajneh blast.

- 13th dialogue session takes place in Ein Teeneh.
- Four trucks deliver aid to Madaya, Fou'aa, and Kefraya.
- 22nd dialogue session takes place between Hezbollah and Future Movement.

- Blast rocks "Sultan Ahmed" Square in central Istanbul leaving scores dead and wounded.

- Lebanese abducted in Libya over financial issues.

- Military Court of Cassation approves request to free former minister Michel Samaha. Protesters cut roads in a number of areas.
- "We Want Accountability" activists stage sit-in outside the Grand Serail, Al-Azarieh building, and inside the Ministry of Environment. Security Forces arrest a number of activists.

- Beirut roads cut in protest against the liberation of Samaha.
- Implementation of "humanitarian operations" kick off in Syria.

- Terrorist attack targets hotel in Burkina Faso, leaves large number of tourist casualties.
- Civil Movement stages sit-in in front of Quarantina plant.
- Implementation of the nuclear deal with Iran begins.
- US President Barack Obama discloses before Congress decisions to lift sanctions on Iran.

- "Free Patriotic Movement" holds internal elections.
- Sherine Noujaim announced first Lebanese to qualify for the Summer Olympics of 2016.

- "Lebanese Forces" adopts the nomination "Change and Reform" bloc leader, MP Michel Aoun, for the Lebanese presidency.

- Airport Customs seizes 100 kilograms of cocaine worth LBP 2.5 billion.

- Historic slump of Russian currency exceeds 80 rubbles per dollar.
- Swedish man arrested in Beirut in line with quality police operation in Sweden to arrest cocaine smuggling network.

- Macedonia temporarily closes its borders with Greece in the face of immigrants.
- Navigation and fishing stopped in a number of ports due to massive storms in Lebanon.
- Number of civil defence volunteers drive to Syria after not being granted full-time jobs.
- 1300 grams of narcotic substances confiscated at Beirut airport.

- Head of the Kuwaiti parliament visits Beirut.
- Kataeb Party Head, MP Sami Gemayel, announces that the party will elect neither MP Michel Aoun nor MP Suleiman Franjieh for the Lebanese presidency.
- Soldier arrested on charges of belonging to Daesh.

- Maronite Patriarch Mar Bechara Boutros al-Rahi meets Pope Francis in Rome.
- Jeitta's lower cave closed after the death of an Egyptian tourist in an accident.

- Schools and institutes close as storm "Talasa" hits Lebanon.

- Presidential debate takes place between House Speaker, Nabih Berri, and "Lebanese Forces" leader, Samir Geagea.
- Airport Customs seizes 5 kg of Captagon sent to Sudan.
- Refugee kills Lebanese-Swedish employee from Kal'aa in Marjayoun.

- French, Iranian presidents discuss the Lebanese presidency dossier.

- National Dialogue Party convenes.
- Suicide attacks in Nigeria leaves scores dead and wounded.

- Civil Defence Rescue teams pull at least a hundred cars stuck under the snow on the road to Kafr Silwan - Tarshish.
- Cabinet approves the military appointments in the military council.
- Iran signs an agreement in Paris to purchase 118, "Airbus" aircrafts.

- Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah announces his party's support to President Michel Aoun's presidential candidacy.
- German police: Grenade tossed at refugee center southwest of the country.

- Israeli enemy works remove trees from occupied Zebdine plantations.

- Ministry of Health announces first death from malaria.

February 2016

-  Dozens killed and wounded in brawl between two families in Tripoli.
- Syrian Syrian negotiations kickstart in Geneva.
- UNESCO registers Christ Baptism Bathtub in Jordan River on World Heritage List.
-  Release of five Czechs who were kidnapped on Kefraya-West Bekaa Road last July.

- Civil Defence volunteers cut off several roads, demand full-time contracts .
- US Envoy James Albrian in Lebanon.

- Prime Minister Tammam Salam chairs Lebanon's delegation at Syria Support Conference in London
- Arrest of more than 20 terrorists in army raid in Arsal outskirts
- Suspension of Syrian negotiations in Geneva.
- Ambassadors of super power countries, Arab states and European Union meet with Maronite Patriarch Bechara Boutros Rahi and call for presidential elections.

- Raids in Germany and arrest of two Algerians suspected of belonging to Daash.
- Arrest at head of department at airport on charges of public funds' embezzlement.
- Release of Lebanese man detained in Czech Republic in 2014 on charges of arms' smuggling

- Kuwaiti freed in Ta'nayel after being kidnapped from his ranch in Kab Elias.
- "We Want Accountablility" and Civil Society activists set up tents in Riad Solh in preparation for their move.
- European Union pledges at London conference to provide three billion euros to Syrians in 2016

- "We Want Accountability" activists stage sit-in, clash with ecurity forces.
- Civil Defence rescues around hundred vehicles blocked by snow on Tarshish-Zahle Road

- Two explosive devices dismantled in Nejmeh Square in Tripoli.
- Maronite Patriarch Bechara Boutros Rahi signs Lebanese flag in solidarity with civil defense rights.

- 35th round of session to elect president of the republic postponed.
- Clashes between "Nusra Front" and "Daesh" in Arsal outskirts.

- Closed door meeting among Maronite Patriarch Bechara Boutros Rahi, MPs Gilbert Zouein and Antoine Zahra, former Minister Yusuf Saade.

- Civil defense volunteers consecrated full timers by the Council of Ministers.
- Enemy patrol breaches withdrawal line and pulls out 100 head of cattle to the occupied territories.

- Israeli enemy releases captured herd of cattle.
- Civil movement refuses waste exportation, announces escalation.

- Lawsuits filed against seven people of "Mohammed Saem" Group on charges of planning to set up an Islamic emirate.
- Army closes illegal crossings in 'Housh Sayyid Ali' in Hermel.
- Prime Minister Tammam Salam participates in inaugural ceremony of "Munich Conference on Global Security".
- Historic meeting between Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill in Havana.

- Casualties and damages at Nusra Front centers in Alzab and Wadi al-Kheil.
- Arrest of a Lebanese for his involvementin the transfer of one of the perpetrators of the double suicide bombing in Burj Barajneh.

-  Tension in Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp at dawn due to personal braul.
- Prime Minister Saad Hariri arrives in Beirut to participate in martyrdom commemoration of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in Biel, announces understanding with MP Sleiman Franjieh.
- Killed and wounded in trade of fire between people from two families in Bekaa's Taybeh.

- Enemy corrodes olive groves and oak orchards in the occupied Zibdeen.
- Arrest of the perpetrator of Cherokee car bombing in Haret Hreik in 2014.
- Army closes all illegal crossings, removes earthen barricades from Msharfeh region far-reaching to al-Qasr town.

- Death of Egyptian writer Mohamed Hassanein Heikal.
- |"We Want Accountability" activists gather outside the house of Prime Minister Tammam Salam.
- Syrian President issues general amnesty for those indicted with 'fleeing military service'.

-Pope winds up historic five-day visit to Mexico.
- Exam winners at Civil Service Council stage sit in.
- "You Stink" Campaign asks PM to set up contingency committee under his chairmanship to agree on an all-out waste plan.

- Sit in by Palestinian refugee camps locals to protest UNRWA services' reduction.
- "We Want Accountability" calls for opening official probe and summoning Chinook company representatives.
- Prime Minister Tammam Salam in a statement: "We received with great regret Saudi Arabia's sudden decision to halt aids assigned to arm and equip the army and internal security forces".

-Discovery of Roman ruins in Khraibeh.
- Prime Minister Saad Hariri holds Hezbollah and Free Patriotic Movement responsibility of Saudi Arabia's decision to halt aid.
- "We Want Accountability" activists call for holding those involved in waste deportation deal accountable, stage sit-in at Riad Solh Square.

- Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi submits resignation.
- March 14 leaders meet at Central House.

- A delegation from Progressive Socialist Party visits Meerab dispatched by MP Walid Jumblatt.
- Berri heads to Brussels to attend plenary session of European Parliament.
- Army apprehends Daash militant Ahmed Amon in Arsal.
- Clashes in Arsal between army and terrorists.
-A meeting between President Michel Sleiman, Prime Minister Saad Hariri and MP Walid Jumblatt underlines importance of ties with Saudi Arabia and need to elect a president democratically.

- Denouncement and solidarity with Saudi Arabia, Ambassador Ali Awad Asiri says: There exists one segment hurting the Lebanese.
- More than 100,000 immigrants enter Europe via Mediterranean in 2016.
- Hollande, Merkel, Cameron and Obama deliberate over phone on Syria.

- Closure of several UNRWA offices in Palestinian refugee camps.
-EDL daily workers storm into 13th floor of EDL institution, call for consecrating them full timers.
- Russian army announces start of negotiations on cease-fire with Syrian opposition groups.
- Qatari Foreign Ministry urges its nationals to leave Lebanon.

- "We Want Accountability" activists stage sit in outside the Central Inspection, erect tent in vicinity
- Russian Foreign Ministry: Moscow does not support Assad but shares goal of combating terrorism.

- A meeting between Change and Reform bloc head MP Michel Aoun and Lebanese Forces delegation.
- Families of Kidnapped military stage sit in outside Casino du Liban.
- Fadel Abdul Rahman Shamdar, known as Fadel Shaker, sentenced to 5 year imprisonment and stripped of civil rights.
- NASA: Discovering of new dwarf planet in the solar system.

- Bomb tossed in Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp, use of knives among Palestinians in al-Jaleel refugee camp.
-Tents for Syrian refugees set ablaze in Housh Rafiqa, civili defense fighter wounded.
- Death of 125 people by yellow fever in Angola.
- Russian military declares pause in bombing operations in Syria in implementation of ceasefire.
- 9 dead and 13 wounded in a suicide bombing near the Ministry of Defense in Kabul.
- Protests in Msharafieh and Ghoubeiri at the backdrop of mimicking Hezbollah Secretary General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, in a television program.

- Bombs tossed in Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp.
- 12 Fatqa closed door meeting  by Notre Dame Gathering to look into Christian Lebanese options in light of regional crisis.
- Pope Francis calls on Europeans for equitable distribution of refugees' burden.
- Rahi from Rome: With the disruption of presidency lies the sin of selfishness, conceit and narrow interests
- Kataeb Party students stage sit in outside Grand Serail under the headline: "Lebanon is not a dump."

-Army artillery shells terrorists' movements in Ras Baalbek outskirts.

March 2016

- Two Syrian military helicopters fly over Lebanese-Syrian borders.
- Two Israeli bulldozers carry out earthen works in the locality of Zibdeen on the outskirts of Kfar Shuba.
- More than 131,000 immigrants arrive in Europe via Mediterranean in 2016.
- Belgian Foreign Minister Didier Reynders in Lebanon, calls for presidential elections: Ready to provide assistance in the waste dossier.

- Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) lists Hezbollah, terrorist organization.
- Mortar shells fall at the border line of Shebaa Farms due to enemy maneuver.
- Postponement of the 36th parliamentary session for the election of the President.

- Government Commissioner at the Military Tribunal Judge Saqr Saqr received from the Defense Minister a notice put forward by former President Michel Sleiman requesting investigation into Pierre Raffoul's accusations against him during two media interviews- dated March and October 2015- of smuggling Shaker al-Absi.
- Prime Minister Tammam Salam at the Council of Ministers: No justification for the existence of the government if we fail to address the waste dossier.
- Prime Minister Saad Hariri: If we do not have a president and a new government, Lebanon will not be able to continue to face challenges.
- UNHCR: The number of unofficial camps do not exceed 1,942.

- 16 Killed in an armed attack on a retirement home Eden.
- Tunisian Foreign Ministry: Arab Interior Ministers Council did classify Hezbollah a terrorist organization.

- "We Want Accountability" campaign stages sit in outside the Central Inspection, distribute statements data in protest of what they called "the failure of the Central Inspection in holding accountable those who initial deals and steal public money."
- 9 medals for Lebanon on the first day of Asian Kids Championship for Ski.

- Army teams rescue pedestrians lost in snow in al-Mkammel Mountain.

- Death of American programmer Ray Tomlinson inventor of email.
- Body of Daash militant found in Arsal outskirts with gunshot in his head.
- Lebanon scores victory in presidency of Arab Organization for Young Lawyers.
- Washington and Seoul begin their military maneuvers, Pyongyang threatens random nuclear attack.
- Arrest of slayer of martyr soldier Abbas Mudlij.

- The White House: Netanyahu refuseS to meet with Obama.
- Iran's Revolutionary Guards test the launch of ballistic missiles.
- Fanar Road cut off with bags of waste to protest trash accumulation in streets.

- 16th round of National Dialogue meeting.
- Iran fires two Ballistic missiles in a new testing.
- Enemy forces fire smoke grenades eastern Mtollah, hostile patrols at northern end of Shabaa farms.
- Lebanese American military exercises in Kfarfalous.
- Smoke bombs dropped by enemy patrol off Kfer Kela.
- Civil Movement young men attempt to remove fence in vicinity of Grand Serail.

- Army martyr fallen during attack on Daesh post in Qaa outskirts, five terrorists killed.
- Minister Gebran Bassil represents Lebanon at the the Arab League Council session at the level of foreign ministers in Cairo under the chairmanship of Bahrain.
- Appointment of Ahmed Aboul Gheit Secretary General of the Arab League.
- Two Kuwaitis found murdered inside workers' room in "Laredo" Restaurant in Kahaleh.
- Civil society activists stage sit in against the garage in Tripoli, call for comprehensive plan.

-Arrest of suspects in the murder of Kuwaitis.
- Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil from Cairo: Lebanon expresses reservation on the description of Hezbollah as terrorist for such term fails to comply with Arab anti-terrorism treaty.
- The Arab League declares "the Lebanese Hezbollah terrorist group" amidst reservation from Lebanon, and Iraq, and a remark from Algeria.

- Charred body found in the valely of al-Hamoudieh town in the Bekaa.
- Cabinet discusses waste crisis: Sorting from source improvising landfills and treatment centers with incentives for municipalities.
-Syrian confesses murdering compatriot and Kuwaiti in Doura.
- Demonstration by civil Movement activists at Riad Solh Square.
- Dozens killed and wounded in blast in Ankara.
- Terrorist attack targeting tourists in restaurants in Ivory Coast, including Lebanese.

- "Change and Reform" bloc head General Michel Aoun on March 14 anniversary: Doors are now open for all types of solutions.. We will not allow continued statuquo since 1999.
- Kataeb Party chief MP Sami Gemayel on "March 14" anniversary: It failed to add achievements to Cedar Revolution, except Syrian pullout.
- UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon: Regional powers exploited Syrian conflict to settle accounts.
- Arrival of the first batch of Russian fighters returning from Syria to Voronezh base.
- UN Special Envoy, American actress Angelina Jolie in Lebanon.
- Czech Republic accuses Turkey of blackmailing European Union on the issue of refugees.
- Spy device discovered off Blat town.
- Death of Arab thinker and Translator George Tarabishi.
- Death of former Israeli Mossad chief Meir Dagan.
- WHO: Ebola epidemic ends in Sierra Leone, stops its spread in West Africa.

- Russian Defense Ministry: 20 to 25 strikes per day in support of the Syrian army in Palmyra.
- Palestinian killed by the Israeli occupation in the West Bank after trying to stab a soldier.


- 62 killed in "Fly Dubai" plane crash southern Russia.
- Casualties in suicide bombing in Istanbul.

- Environment Minister: Eight thousand tons of waste lifted within 24 hours.
- 600 immigrants rescued and five others die off the Libyan coast.


- Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah: Any aggression on Lebanon shall drive us to wage war without ceiling and red lines.

- "We Want Accountability" activists stage sit in outside Sukleen, clash between demonstrators and employees.

- Families of kidnapped servicemen demonstrate in Arsal.


- Army finds inside Jihad Mosque in Bab al-Tabbaneh a bag with hand grenades.

- President Barack Obama in Cuba.

- Casualties in Belgium terrorist attack.

- Army: One fleeing soldier killed after tossing grenade and opening fire on army unit.
-40 Qaeda members killed in US bombing of camp in Yemen.
- Postponement of 37th presidential election session.

- Ban Ki-moon in Lebanon.
- Roadside bomb targets army in Wadi Ata, one soldier killed and three others wounded.- -Death of Dutch visionary soccer Johan Cruyff.

- Ban Ki-moon: Lebanon hosts temporarily Syrians temporarily and the international community supports them.. We don't aim to settle them anywhere but rather secure their return to their country in peace.
- Heavy gunfire emanates from the Syrian side towards a village in Wadi Khaled.
- Arrest of one person in Maaraboun with 15 pistols in his possession in addition to artifact worth half a million dollars.
- Casualties in suicide bombing at ports stadium south of Baghdad.
- Sit in at Costa Brava Beach in rejection of waste landfill.

- Symbolic gathering in front of Belgium Embassy in solidarity with the families of bombings victims, words call on international community to take a decision against terrorism.
- Raouche Rock illuminated with Belgian and Lebanese flags in solidarity with the victims of the Brussels attacks.

- White House and Capitol Hill closed after shooting from Capitol building, arrest of culprits.
- Hand grenade tossed in Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp, shooting in air.
- Heavy fighting between Nusra and Daash in eastern chain outskirts and the borders, two Lebanese amongst casualties.

- Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri arrives in Moscow.
- Hand grenade tossed in Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp coupling with shooting.
- Enemy patrols along al-Ghajar axis till Wadi Asal coupling with reconnaissance overflights.

- British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond arrives in Beirut.
- Syrian President Bashar al-Assad: The war in Syria inflicted damage worth $ 200 billion.
- Former PM Saad Hariri after meeting Lavrov: Our country and its institutions are passing through difficult phase.

- Death of Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid in heart attack in Miami.
- Clashes between protesters and police in Paris during protests against Labor Law amendment draft.
- Army receives three US military helicopters.
- Death of Hungarian writer, Nobel laureate Imre Kertesz.

April 2016

- Scores dead and wounded in clashes in Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp.
- People storm into the Middle East newspaper's office in Ashrafieh Tower and smash its contents.
- Prime Minister Saad Hariri meets with Putin in Kremlin.
- Death of former German Foreign Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher.
- H 1 N 1 virus spreads in Brazil four months before the Olympics.
- General Security stops Daesh network over recruitment of minors to perform terrorist acts.

- Dead and wounded in clashes in Ain al-Hilweh camp.

- Ceasefire announced in Ein el-Hilweh refugee camp.

- Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Mar Bechara Boutros Rahi opens spiritual summit in Bkirki: Challenges require us to meet and think together not only to serve our churches, but to serve the people of the region.
- Arrival of the first batch of refugees from Turkey to Germany.

- Grenade explodes in Ain al-Hilweh camp.

- Nilesat announces decision to stop broadcasting Al-Manar channel on satellite.
- Israeli conducts patrols at  center of occupied Shebaa Farms.
- Saudi civil defence: gunfire kills two on Yemeni border.
- UNRWA offices close in Sidon's Ain al-Hilweh and Mieh Mieh.

- Czech Republic cancels resettlement program of Iraqi Christians.
- Copy of Shakespeare's works found in a Scottish island.

- Egyptian-Saudi agreement to construct bridge between the two countries.
- Trade union stages sit-in against corruption in Riad Solh.
- Michel Samaha sentenced to 13 years in prison and stripped of his civil rights.

- Airport security stops two Lebanese involved in contacting a terrorist organization.

- French Defence Minister visits Baghdad to discuss war against Daesh.
- Prime Minister Tammam Salam chairs security meeting devoted to illegal Internet, Harb announces arrest of four involved.
- Explosions in front of a police station in southern Russia.

- Dialogue session between Hezbollah and Future Movement.
- The European Union renews its sanctions against Iranian figures.
- Fatah official Fathi Zeidan killed in Sidon.

- Prime Minister Tammam Salam participates in Istanbul summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.
- Airport Customs seize 31 kilos of cocaine and arrest smuggler.

- Prime Minister Tammam Salam at 13th Islamic Cooperation Summit: Lebanon rejects resettlement of displaced people and affirms support to Arab consensus.

- Army arrests citizen over attacking army positions in Arsal in August 2014.
- Security Forces: Arrest of most-wanted drug trafficker in Tabarja.

- French President Francois Hollande in Lebanon declares aid to refugees in Lebanon will amount to 50 million euros this year and 100 million euros in the next three years.

- Russian fighter intercepts US military plane over the Baltic
- Israel's cabinet convenes for the first time in the Golan.

- Stun grenade tossed at Rashidiya refugee camp.
- Sit-in in front of ESCWA in condemnation of targeting and shelling children in Kefraya and Fao'a.

- 17th dialogue session takes place in Ein Teeneh.
- Meeting between the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and US President Barack Obama in Riyadh.

- Summit between US President Barack Obama and leaders of Gulf countries in Riyadh.
- International Red Cross announces largest aid convoy to town of Rastan.
- Opening of public park near Sidon landfill.

- Summit between US President Barack Obama and leaders of Gulf countries in Riyadh.
- International Red Cross announces arrival of largest aid convoy to the town of Rastan.

- Bomb goes off under car notary public in Hermel.
- President Tammam Salam participates in New York's climate conference.

- Burning cars and damaged homes in clashes between members of Zuayter family in Laylaki.

- Clashes at American University of Beirut on anniversary of Bashir Gemayel.

- 35 new cases of food poisoning in Akkar, and the Ministry of Health opens an investigation.

- Prosecutor General Judge Samir Hammoud tells the "National News Agency" about the arrest of seven people involved in the illegal internet scandal.
- Suicide bomber blows herself up in a historic site in the city of Bursa northwestern Turkey.

- Army kills Amir of Daesh in Arsal area

- Prime Minister Saad Hariri meets with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

- The sacred flame arrives to the tomb of Christ in Minyara Akkar.
- Armed clashes between two families in Choueifat.

May 2016

- Armed clashes in Sharawneh Street in Akkar.
- Booby-trapped car explodes in Ghaziantep in Turkey.

- Former MP NouhadSoueid passes away.

- Announcement of inauguration of first airline between Lebanon and Zurich.

- Minister of Culture Raymond Araiji launches Lebanese Virtual National Museum for Modern Art.

- Foreign Minister GebranBassil launches work on implementation of Lebanese Citizenship Restoration Law.
- Saudi Foreign Ministry announces security forces raided terrorist cell near Mecca, killed all four members.
- - Renewed Israeli airstrikes bomb Hamas Movement's bases in Gaza.

- Riot inside Qobbeh jail.
- Highest Lebanese flag hoisted upon Martyrs Day.
- Actor Ali Diyab passes away.

- Four-kg explosive bomb dismantled at Saadnayel roundabout.
- Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Mar Beshara Boutros Rahiin France.

- First stage of municipal and mayor election kicks off in Beirut, Bekaa, and Baalback-Hermel.

- Russia and the U.S. announceredoubled efforts to reach political settlement to Syria war and extension of February 27 ceasefire nationwide.

- Dialogue session between Hezbollah, Future Movement
- Bomb attack on police vehicle in Turkey's Diyarbakir.

- Series of deadly explosions in Iraq kills and injures more than 200.

- 3 booby-trapped cars target military in southeast Yemen
- EDL daily workers observe sit-in in Corniche-al-Nahr.

- Hezbollah declares death of Mustafa Badreddine.
- - 3 hand grenades tossed at residences of Lebanese Democratic Party and Progressive Socialist Party officials in Hasbaya.

- Clash and fire trade in Baalback'sSharawbeh Street.

- Second stage of municipal and mayoral elections kicks off in Mount Lebanon, several injured in broils at poll stations.

- Diplomat and intellect Clovis Maksoud passes away.

- Argentine Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra on state visit in Lebanon.
- Prime Minister Tammam Salam receives letter from U.S. State Secretary John Kerry hereby reiterating commitment to helping Lebanon in displaced dossier.
- French President François Hollande welcomes Saad Hariri at Elysée.
- Lebanon chairs 39th round of Arab Youth and Sports Ministers' Council.

- National dialogue table convenes in 18th round of talks.
- MP WalidJumblatt in Kuwait for meeting with Prince and senior officials.

- Terrorist act targets Egyptian aircraft between en route from Paris to Cairo.
- Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Mar Beshara Boutros Rahi in South Africa on pastoral tour.
- United Nations flatly denies tendency to push Lebanon for nationalization or settlement of Syrian refugees.

- New Lebanese achievement in telecom field: LTE stations designed and developed by Lebanese engineers and first Microwave Links plant in the Middle East produced by Spectronite Company in Lebanon.

- Stun grenade dismantled in Ain-el-Hilwe Palestinian refugee camp.

- MP Amal Abu Zaid wins legislative sub-elections in Jezzine.
- 3rd stage of municipal and mayoral elections kicks off in South Lebanon.

- U.S. President Barack Obama confirms death of Taliban leader in Afghanistan Mullah Mansour in American airstrike.
- Customs Department seizes ton of Captagoncodrug powder.
- Two deadly explosion in Yemen's Aden.
- PM Tammam Salam reiterates Lebanon not land for settlement during World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul.

- MTV crew survives armed ambush in Bekaa town of Hezzine.

- Presidential vacuum enters third year.

- 20 to 30 migrants killed in boat sinking accident off Libya shores.
- Locals block roads in Tripoli and Bhannin in protest at death of inmate FadiAkkoush in Roumieh jail.

- Obama makes historic visit to Hiroshima 71 years after atomic bombing.

- 6 soldiers injured as military tank veers off in Akkar.
- Youngsters break into electricity station in Baalback and ransack guard room.

- 4th and last stage of municipal and mayoral elections kicks off in North Lebanon.
- Real Madrid champion of Europe for 11th time.
- Migrants rescued in Manche sea off British coasts.

- EDL daily workers shut down facility.
- 3 killed in floods in west Germany.
- Kuwait Prince Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Jaber al-Sabah meets Saad Hariri.
- Ex-Chad leader HisseneHabre sentenced to life for war crimes.

- Army receives engineering vehicles as donation by South Korea.
- 2 wounded as hand grenade detonates in Tripoli's Zaheriyeh.
- International report declares nearly 46 million people trapped in modern slavery with two-thirds in Asia-Pacific region.
- One receives bullet in the leg during clash over traffic lane in Jounieh.
- 29th dialogue session between Hezbollah and Future Movement.
- Sit-in in Tripoli to call for release of activist Nabil Halabi.

June 2016

- Enemy soldiers erect military tent in occupied part of Bastra farm.

- One terrorist killed and 3 arrested in preventive operations by Lebanese army in Akkar.
- Postponement of Parliament session to elect new president of the republic.
- Enemy soldiers open fire towards shepherd in Kfarshouba.
- 2 hand grenades found in front of Saint Georges Chruch in Roum town.

- Enemy patrols along border fence.
- One wounded as hand grenade mistakenly blows up in Ain-el-Hilwe.
- Clash at Ghazir stadium stops La Sagesse v/s Sporting basketball game.

- Stray bullet hits citizen in Brital, locals protest celebratory gunfire.
- Army finds guns and explosive belts inside farm in MajdalAnjar.

- Israeli soldiers comb area off border fence from Abbassieyh till Mtolleh.

- Israeli infantry soldiers snatch sheep herd from west Shebaa.

- Grenade tossed inside Ain-el-Hilwe.
- Army: 2.5 tons of cocaine, cannabis, and Captagon pills seized inside boat off Sidon.

- Enemy reinforcements at western edges of occupied Shebaa farms.
- One Ahrar al-Sham media official arrested in Baalback.
- 6,2-magnitude undersea earthquake hits Indonesia.
- Protest in front of Ministry of Interior and Municipalities against uncontrolled weapons.

- FAO delivers aids to households in Darayya.
- 120,000 jobs cut in UK between 2014 and 2016 due to oil slump.

- Explosive bomb targets BLOM in Verdun.
- UAV in Dubai skies causes international airport to stop for more than hour.
- 20 killed and 42 injured in shooting inside Florida nightclub.

- Enemy patrols roam at Shebaa farms edges.
- Saudi border guards intercept 122 migrants coming from Africa by sea.

- Policeman and female friend killed near Paris by extremist who declared loyalty to IS.
- UN General Assembly elects Fiji representative president of 71st round.
- Enemy troops resume construction of earthen barrier in Hamari border fence crossing.
- Dengue fever outbreak kills 17 and infects 1300 in Shabwah province in Yemen.

- U.S President Barack Obama receives Dalai Lama at the White House.
- UN confirms displacement of 80 thousand Sudanese from Darfur.
- Syria condemns presence of special French and German forces on its soil.
- Iranian-British employee accused of working on ousting regime in Iran.
- Clash develops into fist fight among protesters against transferring the Egyptian Hospital to Horsh Beirut.

- Russia declares 48-hour ceasefire in Aleppo.
- Iran files complaints before Supreme Court of Justice over frozen assets in the U.S.
- Iran Revolution Guards Army: 12 terrorists and 3 soldiers killed in confrontations near Iraqi borders.

- Counterfeit $90k seized at Beirut airport with Russian passenger.
- Two injured in shooting during clash in Hermel.
- ISF officer killed in gun shooting in Jdaidet-al-Qayteh.
- 15 Kurdish forces killed in Daesh attack north Baghdad.
- Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi declares Fallujah freed of Daesh grip.

- Former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsisentenced to life in prison in Qatar espionage case.

- Iran reaches agreement with Boeing to purchase 100 aircrafts.

- 14 killed in suicide attack in Kabul.
- Woman assumes post of Rome municipality chief for first time in Italy.
- Rise in temperature causes explosion of gas station in Berqayel.
- Jordanian escapes abductors in Baalback.

- 6 Jordanian soldiers killed and at least 14 injured in attack with booby-trapped car on border with Syria.

- North Korea launches two medium-range missiles.

- Between 20 and 50 injured in shooting inside cinema complex in Germany's Viernheim.
- Army bombs vehicle with terrorists aboard between Arsal outskirts and Ras Baalback.
- Fierce battles between Daesh and al-Nusra Front in Arsal outskirts, many casualties reported.

- Britain exits EU, and Paris, London, and Frankfurt stocks tumble.
- Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah: U.S. sanctions have no effect on Hezbollah.
- Pope Francis condemns Armenian Genocide before Armenian President.

- Series of explosions leaves martyrs in al-Qaa.

- Grenade attack on pub in Malaysia wounds 8.
- Turkey says ready to pay Russia compensation for downed Russian jet in Syria.
- Turkey inks normalization ties deal with Israel.
- Deadly suicide attack inside mosque in Iraq.
- Several municipalities impose curfew on Syrians.
- Ataturk airport explosions kill many.

- Iran calls off flights to Ataturk airport.
- 4-magnitude earthquake recorded in Lebanon, Deir al-Qamar located as epicenter.

- Army foils two terrorist operations against renowned tourist facility in a populated area.
- 81 killed in blast near Mogadishu.
- ISF patrol intercepted in Baalback, inmate escapes.
- Daesh claims responsibility for shooting dead Father Rafael Moussa in Sinai's Arish.

July 2016

- Fraud detected at "Mecanique" center: 3281 receipts recorded as paid, absent from treasury.
- European Union extends sanctions on Russia for 6 months. Moscow deems decision absurd, illegal.
- Scientific Research Council: Toxic fish swim along coast, excrete poisonous substance.

- Citizen lured from Jounieh to Baalbek, $ 80,000 ransom requested.
- People killed in shooting at cafe in Serbia.

- More than 119 people killed in explosion in Baghdad; Daesh claims responsibility.

- Israel bombs two Syrian military posts after shooting in Golan.
- Suicide bomber blows himself up near mosque in Qatif, and another near security headquarters at Prophet's Mosque in Medina.

- United Nations: 30,000 foreign terrorist fighters in Syria and Iraq.

- Clashes, shooting in Akkar mountains against backdrop of municipal elections.
- Gunmen kill Lebanese from al-Hujairi family in Arsal.

- Israeli combing operation along west Shebaa borderline.
- Two killed in explosion at Mahshahr petrochemical plant in Iran.
- French diplomatic source: Saudi Arabia, Iran do not oppose principle of political solution in Lebanon.
- Three US policemen killed, seven wounded in snipers' shooting in Dallas.

- Fatah leader, Abdallah Sultan, survives assassination attempt in Mieh w Mieh camp, one person wounded.

- STL: Appeals Chamber terminates proceedings against Badreddine proven dead through sufficient evidence submitted before court.
- Journalist Elie Slaibi dies.

- French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault in Lebanon: Each side must bear its own responsibility; political solution can only be achieved within framework of dialogue among Lebanese.

- Election session adjourned.
- United States opens door to 10,000 Syrian refugees for current fiscal year.
- Belgian Interior Ministry: 457 Belgians among foreign fighters in Syria and Iraq.

- Evacuation of three thousand people from summer camps in South of France after fire eruption.

- More than 100 people crushed to death in attack during National Day celebrations in Nice.
- Attempted coup in Turkey.

- Army violently shells militants' posts in Ras Baalbek and Wadi Rafeq mountains.
- Intensive Enemy patrols between Ramtha and Al-Alam.

- 31 people poisoned in Eqlim El-Kharroub.
- Fire shooting, shelling in Sharawina neighborhood, two Syrians injured.

- Sweden decides to open its embassy in Beirut to enjoy full authority at end of this year.
- Apple growers in Labweh block international road in protest against low prices.

- Health Minister, Wael Abou Faour, announces draft for comprehensive hospitalization coverage for elderly.
- Controlled tension in Ain al-Hilweh after assassination of Al-Bahti.
- 100 million Euros from Germany to support World Food Programme in Lebanon.
- 29th dialogue session between Hezbollah and Future.
- Syrian Foreign Ministry: French warplanes commit bloody massacre in Tokhan Al-Kubra.

- More than 3,200 migrants rescued from the Mediterranean.
- Turkish army shells positions of PKK in Iraq for first time since failed coup.
- Day workers stage sit-in and set up tent in front of Hayek's office after refusing to respond to their demands.
- Suspicious bag found in Shiah containing ammunition.

- Sit-in for day workers at EDL headquarters.
- Army cordons off vessel coming from Turkey at Tripoli port.

- German police: Several people killed in shooting in Munich.

- Arrest of Captagon smuggler to the Gulf owing to Lebanese-Saudi coordination.

- PM Tammam Salam heads to Mauritania to participate in Arab Summit.
- At least 12 people killed in suicide attack in Baghdad.
- One of Al-Nusra terrorist front's top leaders in Army's grip.

- Former MP, Hassan Yacoub, released.
- Prime Minister Tammam Salam proposes before Arab summit in Nouakchott forming Arab organization to develop idea of creating accommodation for displaced Syrians inside Syrian territory, convincing international community of said step.
- Saudi Interior Ministry announces death of five border guards in clashes with hostile elements in Najran.

- Strike, sit-in by EDL day-workers.
- Slaughter of priest inside church in France; Daesh claims responsibility.
- Study by Union of Arab Banks: 10 Lebanese among 85 Arab banks within 1000 largest banks in the world.

- Agriculture Minister Akram Chehayeb assigned to head waste committee.
- Bombings in Qamishli and Damascus.

- Claims filed against security forces' officers, elements on offense of failing to take necessary legal proceedings against owners of illegal internet.
- Syrian President issues decree to grant amnesty to all those who carried weapons and turned themselves in.
- France and Britain call on Damascus and its allies for immediate lifting of siege imposed on Aleppo.

- MP Sleiman Frangieh announces from Ain al-Tineh his non withdrawal from presidential race.
- 3 dead, including NATO representative, in munitions explosion in Ukraine.

- Day-worker, Rabih Sayegh, transferred to hospital after hunger strike.
- Two people arrested in Belgium on suspicion of planning attacks.
- "We Want Accountability" activists set up tents in Riad Solh until end of dialogue sessions.

- Families of kidnapped military elements stage sit-in at Riad Solh Square.
- One Saudi officer, six soldiers killed in Yemeni infiltration attempt.
- Foiled attempt to smuggle hundreds of thousands of Captagon pills packed inside plastic bags.

August 2016

- Talal Erslan, chairman of the Democratic Party by acclamation.

- Chairman of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee at the Iranian Parliament, Alaeddin Boroujerdi, in Beirut .
- International Organization for Migration (IOM): More than 4,000 migrants and refugees have died since the beginning of the year.

- British Embassy announces 60 million pounds to be provided to Education for All Children Programme in Lebanon.

- 10 wounded during football match between Haruf and Dweir.
- Wounded in clashes between two families in Baalbek.
- Major Army operation in Atta Valley leads to arrest of Lebanese and Syrian Daesh masterminds; one of them dies in the process.

- Olympics games begin at the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

- Maronite Patriarch, Mar Bechara Boutros Rahi, inaugurates Lady of Durr Maronite Church in Mukhtara after restoration works sponsored by MP Walid Jumblatt on the 15th anniversary of the Mountain Reconciliation.

- Execution of Iranian nuclear scientist convicted of spying for the United States.

- 43rd session to elect President adjourned.

- Historic meeting between Russian, Turkish presidents in St. Petersburg.
- Army receives shipment of US military aid worth $ 50 million.

- Army helicopter destroys Al-Nusra Front post in Arsal mountains.

- Vessel burns inside port of Tripoli.
- Russian Parliamentarian: Russia will transform Khmeimim airport in Syria into permanent air base.
- Kataeb activists gather in front of 'Forum de Beirut' to protest sea reclamation by waste.

- Abbot Naamtallah Hashem elected as president of Maronite Order.
- Saudi Arabia bans 3 women from joining extremists in Syria.

- Secretary General of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, from Bint Jbeil: We are committed to Aoun as President. Berri is our candidate for House Speaker post, and we are open in terms of premiership for next government, after president's election.

- Minister Gebran Bassil appointed as head of the Free Patriotic Movement.

- Waste returns to streets.

- Soldier killed, 3 wounded in attack on two Turkish tanks in Syria.

- Sadr family files lawsuit against Hannibal Gaddafi.
- Artist Abdullah Nabbout, one of Les Diseurs theater's founders, dies.
- STL sentences Ibrahim Al-Amin to 20,000 Euros and al-Akhbar newspaper to 6000 Euros.

- 6,500 migrants rescued off Libyan coast.
- Largest Shawarma Sandwich in the world made by Cultural Club in Jdaydet Akkar.

- Lebanon reaps two gold, one silver and one bronze medals at Arab Fencing Championship in Jordan.
- Dead and wounded in roadside bomb on Ksara roundabout in Zahle.
- Speaker Nabih Berri on al-Sadr's disappearance commemoration: Presidency not enough, we need package-deal.
- Assistant US Secretary of State for Political Affairs in Lebanon.
- Moqtada al-Sadr in Beirut.
- Child manages to sneak into airplane, travel to Turkey aboard Middle East Airlines without passport.

September 2016

- Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi receives indictments related to explosions of Al Takwa and Al Salam mosques.

- Lebanese citizen sinks during sea trip in Turkey, 7 others resued.
- Pope Francis declares Mother Theresa holiness.

- Sit-in for cab drivers in front of mechanical inspection centers.
- House Speaker Nabih Berri hopes from Mps to grant the Lebanese Army half their allocation for October.
- National dialogue sessions suspended after FPM declares boycott.

- Boobytrap targets car in Majdel Anjar, wounds 3.

- UNICEF: 50 million children in the world taken away from their roots.
- Postponing the 44th parliamentary session devoted to elect president.

- Fouad Makhzoumi obtains peace award for international works and communication between religions.

- Spy apparatus for enemy detected in liberated Lebanese lands.

- Protest in front of Burj Hammoud landfill upon a call from Kataeb party.
- Maronite Patriarch Mar Bechara Boutros Rahi asks Finance Minister to correct the memorandum concerning lands in Akoura: the state should put terms to violations against lands belonging to Jounieh Patriarchate in Lassa.
- Interior Minister Nouhad Machnouk signs a request for deactivating Democratic Arab Party and Tawhid Movement, Minkara branch.

- Number of people killed in an explosion in Turkey on first days of Adha.

- Ankara demands from Washington to arrest Fathalla Golan for his role in the coup attempt in Turkey.
- Israeli aggression in Syrian lands.
- 6 wounded children after collapse of aero plaything in a Luna park in Tripoli.

- Starting removing trash off streets.
- Landmine explodes under vehicle for UNIFIL Spanish unit in outskirts of Ebel Al Saki.
- 4 triumphs for Lebanon in chess Olympiad in Baku.
- 9 conditions of drowning as a boat falls facing Sidon sea castle.
- Wheel game in Fantasy World Luna Park collapses and wounds a number of people.

- Fleet composed of women moves from Barcelona to break the siege against Gaza Strip.
- Statement for Ambassadors of great countries and Kaag after meeting with Premier Tammam Salam: Big support for Lebanon's stability, presidential election and parliamentary elections on date.

- 4 wounded as bomb explodes in Al Noor Camp for displaced Syrians.
- Golden and bronze medal for Lebanese delegation partaking in India International Innovation Fair.

- PM Tammam Salam heads to New York to partake in UN General Assembly.

- French Embassy opens doors of Pine Residence for the first time for Lebanese on the Day for European Heritage.

- Ban Ki Moon: UN Summit for Displaced People is big accomplishment, more than 244 million migrants, 65 million forced migrants.
- British Defense Minister: We shared coalition strike on Deir Al Zour without hitting Syrian army units.

- UN: Shelling against humane convoys in Syria considered could be considered as war crime. Suspending all humanitarian aid convoys due to air raids, Red Cross declares death of 20 civil people by air raid.
- Lebanon ranks first in throwing championship in Tunisia.
- Fire trade between citizens and displaced Syrians in Dawhat Aramoun wounds a number of people.
- Dialogue session between Future and Hezbollah.

- Cab drivers block roads in different regions.
- More than 144 dead after drowning of boat carrying illegal migrants facing Egyptian coastline.

- Arresting Daesh emir in Ain Al Helwe.
- Public Health Ministry wins appreciation degree in food safety conference in Sultanate of Oman.
- Clashes between security forces and protesters from We Want Accountability at Banks Street.

- PM Tammam Salam from New York warns of hazardous Lebanese condition especially amidst heavy displaced Syrians presence.

- First Lebanese flag raised high on Arz Falougha Mount.
- Protest in front of Costa Brava against unhealthy landfills.

- Assassination of Jordanian writer Nahed Hattar in front of Palace of Justice in central of Amman.

- Protest for apple farmers against failure to sell apple.

- Russian annulled ban on importing vegetables and fruits from Egypt.

- Sit-in for land transportation sector in front of mechanical inspection centers.
- Former Israeli President Shimon Peres passes away.
- Public Health Minister Wael Abu Faour: Total hospitalization coverage for each one over 64 years as of October 2016.
- Postponing 45th presidential election session.
- Ukraine: Dutch investigation shows Russia's direct involvement in targeting Malaysian plane.
Moscow considers investigation as biased and politicized.
- 1 silver and 3 bronze medals for Lebanese Olympic commission that headed to Vietnam to partake in Asian Muay Thai championship.
- 3 wounded due to landmine outburst near barbed wire in Mtelle.

- Decision for National Defense Ministry to extend Lebanese Army Chief General Jean Kahwagi's mandate.

- French warplane fleet "Charle de Gaulle" starts anti-Daesh operations.
- PM Tammam Salam launches national day for protecting Litani basin: condition catastrophic.

- Houthi attack against Emirati boat near Bab Al Mandeb.

October 2016

- One dead, 2 wounded due to dispute on airport road.
- Protest for apple farmers in Upper Metn against failure to sell apple.

- Iran takes legal action against 400 officials due to rise in their salaries.
- Apple farmers in Dar Al Waseaa block road to protest failure to sell apple.

- Debate between Bkerki and Ain Al Tineh.

- Pope Francis makes sudden visit to regions badly affected by earthquakes in central Italy.
- Former PM Saad Hariri meets Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.
- Fatal clashes in Arsal highlands between terrorist gunmen.
- UN Special Coordinator to Lebanon Sigrid Kaag concludes her visit to Iran in the context of her regional and international discussions over Lebanon.

- Iranian President Hasan Rouhani heads to Vietnam in an official visit for 2 days.
- Maronite Bishops address officials to awaken their concience: For abiding by Constitution and Pact and electing a president without conditions.

- Sheikh Bassam Al Tarras again arrested for investigations.
- Cabinet appoints Professor Fouad Ayyoub as President for Lebanese University.
- EU allocates 12 million Euros to support UNRWA for rebuilding Nahr Al Bared camp.
- Security Council agrees by consensus on appointing Antonio Gutierrez as UN General Secretary.

- More than 140 killed, around 525 wounded after raids on council of condolences in Sanaa.

- Daesh senior Abu Bakr Al Rikkawi found killed in Arsal. Rikkawi was responsible for killing martyr ISF member Zaher Ezzedine in Arsal's square.

- President Vladimir Putin in Turkey to look into energy file despite divisions over Syria.
- Israeli occupying forces places cameras for observation facing Hosn Al Wazzani park.
- Sit-in for farmers from Arsal in front of Serail.

- Security coordination between Lebanon and KSA foils organized attempt to smuggle Captagon.
- 3 wounded after individual dispute witnessing armed emerge in Sawfar.

- Pope Francis calls for immediate ceasefire in Syria.
- Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyid Hasan Nasrallah: Some betting on our tiresome, number of our martyrs, and financial and economic siege imposed on us. For this reason I say we won't be tire nor defeated nor retreat.

- Cabinet: Allocating 10 billion LBP for paying compensations to Arsal farmers.
- Appointing Portuguese Antonio Gutierrez as UN Secretary General.
- 4 killed in Ashkout due to conflicts between neighbors and dog annoy.
- Former PM Saad Hariri in Paris.

- Egyptian Poet Farouk Shousha passes away.
- 9 Egyptian soldiers killed by attack on military checkpoint in North Sinaa.

- 19 killed in suicidal explosion targeting council for condolences in North of Baghdad.
- Rifi: March 8 candidate won't be able to enter Baabda Palace, we won't give nation to Iran and Syrian regime.
- MP Sleiman Frangieh: I am still candidate to presidential elections, I won't retreat, decisive word on October 31.

- FPM supporters gathering on road to Baabda Palace.
- Rockets launched towards 3 American war boats in Red Sea.
- Emiri decree issued in Kuwait to dissolve National "Umma" Council.
- Army sergeant killed by bullits from gunmen in Arsal.
- Sit-in for land transportation union in front of mechanical inspection centers.

- Killing and wounding a big number of Daesh members as Lebanese Army targeted their locations.
- Attack against Daesh in Mosul starts.

- UN: Declaring ceasefire in Yemen for 72-hour period apt to renewable.
- Army arrests leader in Nusra Front after ambush in Arsal.

- Former PM Saad Hariri declares support for General Michel Aoun as President for the Republic.
- Arresting network of 8 Syrians planning to target Lebanese interior by a series of suicidal bombs.

- Sit-in in front of UNRWA in Nahr Al Bared to complete building the camp.
- US Secretary of State John Kerry expresses warnings regarding presidential elections in Lebanon after former PM Saad Hariri's announcement of support for General Michel Aoun as president.

- House Speaker Nabih Berri in Geneva to partake in International Parliamentary Union works.

- Pope Francis: Shocked due to violence against Christians and Muslims in Iraq.
- Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyid Hasan Nasrallah: We will go to upcoming parliamentary session to elect General Michel Aoun as president for the republic. We won't reject Saad Hariri as prime minister even though it is something risky to us.

- Head of the Bloc of Reform and Change General Michel Aoun visits Hezbollah leader Sayyid Hasan Nasrallah to thank him for his support.
- Foiling attack against Daesh in Karkouk.
- Head of Marada Movement MP Sleiman Frangieh confirms his nonwithdrawal from presidential battle.

- Syrian truck carrying Captagon found in Tripoli seaport moving to KSA.
- 2200 migrants facing Libya rescued yesterday, 16 corpses found.

- Arresting most 2 dangerous drug traders in South after raiding their bases in Sharhabil.

- 22 children among those killed by raid targeting school in Northern West of Syria.
- Around 100 migrants lost in sea facing Libya.
- Saudi Thamer Al Sabhan in Beirut delegated to follow up presidential election.

- Singer and Composer Melhem Barakat passes away at 74.
- Arresting network of human traffickers and prostitution in Maameltein.
- Head of Democratic Gathering MP Walid Jumblatt after receiving Head of Bloc of Reform and Change General Michel Aoun: Majority of Democratic Gathering and Progressive Socialist Party will vote for General Aoun.

- Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyid Hasan Nasrallah in meeting dignitaries from Bekaa region: For removing away from any perpetrator the cover of any family, tribe or party.

- French President Francois Hollande confirms that France won't accept camps for refugees on its lands.

- General Michel Aoun elected as President for the Republic.
- Mass cemetery found in Zahle.

- President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, receives congratulatory letter from King Salman.

-  Binding parliamentary consultations kick off.

- Prime Minister Saad Hariri designated to form government.

- New Russian truce kicks off in Aleppo Hezbollah.
- Secretary General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah: No one wants to block formation of government and Speaker Berri is negotiated in our name .

- Prime Minister Saad Hariri begins non-binding consultations.
- Tripoli customs seize Captagon between apples heading to Saudi Arabia.

- Baabda Palace doors open in front of well-wishers.
- 4 wounded in exchange of fire in Qaabarin - Akkar.

- President Michel Aoun meets with envoys of Syrian President, Bashar Assad, Minister of Presidential Affairs, Mansour Azzam and Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif.

- Donald Trump wins presidency of United States.
- 36th dialogue session convenes between Hezbollah, Future.

- First Chinese elected head of Interpol.

- Egyptian actor Mahmoud Abdul Aziz dies.
- 'Mecanique Inspection Centers' entrances still blocked.

- Marathon kicks off in Beirut.

- Dead and wounded in suicide bomb in Karbala province.
- Lebanon's skies host giant moon.

- Egyptian Foreign Minister, Sameh Shoukry in Beirut.
- High Representative for Foreign Policy in the European Union, Federica Mogherini in Lebanon.

- Ghazi Aad head of Solide dies.

- President Michel Aoun in Bkirki and Maronite Patriarch, Mar Bechara Boutros Rahi announces his full support.
- First scientific study at AUB proves enormity of waste crisis on health in Lebanon.
- Doctors Without Borders: 7 dead and some 100 missing in boat sinking off Libya.

- Lebanon wins in membership of Executive Council of the Organization of News Agencies of Asia and the Pacific.
- Turkish lira records historic low against the dollar.

- Peace medal for Prime Minister Fouad Siniora in South Korea.
- Truce in Yemen.

- Three people wounded in roadside bomb detonator in Ali Naher.
- Earthquake at dawn in Tyre, Srifa, Maaraka.

- Dead in bombing of mosque in Kabul.
- President Michel Aoun receives invitation from the Emir of Mecca, Khaled Al-Faisal to visit Saudi Arabia.
- Italy allocates 2.4 million euros for UNICEF's support for rehabilitation of public schools in Lebanon.

- Military parade on occasion of Independence Day.

- President Michel Aoun receives from Qatar's Foreign Minister, Sheikh Mohammad Bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani, an invitation to visit Qatar.

- EDL's part timers stage sit-in in front EDL's building.
- Outbreak of forest fires spread to cities and regions in the occupied Palestine, especially Haifa.

- Army arrests terrorist Ahmed Amon and number of his companions in qualitative operation in Arsal.

- Fidel Castro dies.

- First flights kick off between United States and Havana.
- Two killed in armed scuffle in Haret Hreik.
- Saad Hariri from Baabda Palace: "We are with Speaker Berri".

- Brazilian plane crashes in Colombia carrying football team.
- Dialogue session between Hezbollah, Future bloc convenes.

-  Israeli enemy planes target Syrian positions along Damascus- Beirut road.

- (Big Mac) burger innovator dies at 98 years.
- United Nations: Russia proposes establishment of humanitarian corridors in east of Aleppo.

- Turkish Foreign Minister Mouloud Jawish Davutoglu and Foreign Minister of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier arrive in Lebanon to congratulate Aoun and meet officials.
- UN: Return of 380,000 Afghan refugees to their homeland from Pakistan in 2016.

- 9 dead and 25 missing in a fire during a concert near San Francisco.
- Russian security services confirm they had killed Daesh Prince in North Caucasus.

- Element of Palestinian security force killed in Ain al-Hilweh.

- Israeli photographer journalists try to provoke Lebanese in Kila.

- Red Cross: Evacuation of 150 civilians suffering poor health in eastern Aleppo.

- 6 killed in an explosion in Cairo.
- 400 migrants storm the Spanish-Moroccan border in Ceuta.

- Many killed in an explosion in Istanbul.

- At least 25 martyrs in the bombing of St. Mark Church in Cairo.
- Syrian President Bashar al-Assad receives message from His Holiness the Pope.

- French Parliament announces state of emergency until July 15.

- Clashes in Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp.

- Russian President Vladimir Putin says the next phase in Syria will be a cease-fire in all territories
- Organization for Migration: Approximately 7,200 immigrants died in 2016.

- Turkey's military said 13 soldiers killed and at least 48 injured in the bombing of Caesarea.

- Saad Hariri's cabinet announced comprising of 30 ministers, five of which are new.

- Assassination of Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov in Ankara.
- Swiss police: 3 wounded in shooting in Zurich, offender escapes.
- Blast in Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp.

- Red Cross: Evacuation of 25,000 people from east Aleppo.
- 38th dialogue session between Hezbollah and Future Movement.

- Assassination of Fatah al-Islam element, another wounded in Ain al-Hilweh.

- French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault visits Lebanon.
- Clashes in Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp.

- UN Security Council demands immediate cessation of Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territories.

- Russian passenger plane crashes while carrying more than ninety people in the Black Sea.

- Raids in Hermel in search for wanted assassins of Army Corporal.
- BLOM Bank wins Bank of the Year Award from Visa International.

- Government of Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri wins confidence by 87 out of 92 votes.


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