Domestic crises drag Lebanese young people to migrate


Report: Fadia Daaboul
Translated by Aline Aoun

The majority of Lebanese young people head to work out of the country as result of the ongoing crises that are invading the country and the failure of the state to develop plans to help and encourage them to stay in their homeland.
Lebanon is losing the Lebanese brains because they migrate to foreign countries in search for a job and a better life away from misery. Those who are unable to travel remain in Lebanon either unemployed or work in different fields not related to their certificate.

The reason that drew young Mario Abu Khalil to search for his future outside Lebanon was "the absence of a President, paralysis of the House of Representatives, Cabinet, as well as the economic and security crises. In addition to the piles of waste, low wages, lack of services and employment opportunities for young people."

On the other hand, student Elias Raad said that "the country is in a state of chaos", this factor would encourage him after receiving his degree to work outside Lebanon, knowing that he has sought to work in one of Beirut's restaurants, but the preference was to foreigners since they agree to receive low wages.

The priest of Mar Takla in Hazmieh, professor Rony Maatouq said, "Lebanese young men and women are now living like strangers in their homeland, and they no longer feel that they belong to this country. They feel they're out of the equation".

Maatouq added that the reason for this feeling was the disintegration of families, in addition to the deterioration of the economic and physical conditions that created a large gap between the rich and poor classes after the elimination of the middle class. He stressed that "the lack of security and economic stability in the country, prevent young people from developing programs and plans for the long term, and for this reason they resort to foreign states either for education or to work."

"Unfortunately some young people who are unable to travel resort to drugs or smoking," he noted, confirming that "this fact has spread remarkably in the last period". Maatouq considered that the reason behind the crisis that the young people were facing in Beirut, was due to the lack of organizational structure, which did not encourages them to stay in Lebanon and work, stressing that "the state and church are required to set a plan to attract young people, so that they won't find an excuse to migrate."

Maatouq focused on the role of schools and universities in guiding the students and advising them which major to choose. He stressed the need to organize awareness lectures on patriotism.

"The young citizens need financial support to stay in the country and this could be achieved through providing job opportunities for them, and facilitating the process of owning apartments, and providing all the services in proportion to their incomes," he asserted.

Finally, he warned the officials of the seriousness of migration, calling on them "to beware of this dilemma, care for the young men and listen to their demands because they are the pillar of the nation and the hope and the future.


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