Removing Batroun Hospital from custody of NSSF warns of its impending closure as employees receive notice of termination of their contracts

Written by Zeina Zakharia

Translated by Rasha Zantout

NNA – All efforts to keep Batroun Hospital under the custodianship of the National Social Security Fund (NSSF), rather than returning it to the Health Ministry’s custody, have failed. Despite all attempts with ministers, deputies and civil society to preserve this hospital, the employees were notified of the termination of their contracts by December 31, 2015. These employees, who have been working at the hospital for 40 years, do not know their fate and what to do next to make a living.

National Social Security Fund

The Director General of the NSSF, Mohammad Karaki, issued a memo stating the termination of contract with Batroun Hospital, also known as Dr. Emile Bitar Public Hospital. The Fund also decided to hand over the hospital to the Ministry of Public Health.

The memo thanked the staff for their work, which began in 1974, and regretted to inform them that following the four months grace period, their work would come to a halt by the year’s end.


Head of the Batroun Hospital Staff and Employees Syndicate, Saad Bassil, censured the measure taken by the NSSF, noting that the Fund not only abandoned the hospital and its staff, but also forsake all citizens benefiting for the hospital’s services.

“We are awaiting what decisions will be taken,” said Bassil, “but we will not accept squandering the rights of employees and our first move will be next week.”


Member of the Hospital Support Commission, Dr. Elias Ghosn, confirmed that they would never cease to demand the preservation of the hospital.

“The decision to return it to the Health Ministry will lead to the hospital’s closure and spell disaster for the hospital and its staff as well as the Batrouni and northern communities.”

Ghosn vowed not to give up and promised that steps would be taken very soon.

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