Technology aims to solve problems, new Lebanese breakthrough in world of transportation

Written by Rima Youssef

Translated by Rabab Housseiny

NNA - Technology is a whole world per se, and it managed to break into many fields, and to keep people busy with it.

The scientific revolution, epitomized by the so-called modern technology, left too much impact in people's life and has become a scale of progress. In fact, every day we hear of a new invention, a more developed and smarter machine, or a new application on the computer or on theInternet, whereas technology has become indispensable.

Charlie and technology

This scientific revolution on smartphones and Android devices drove Charlie Taxi company to invent a new application that aims to facilitate the life of customers, drivers, and the company at once.

The wise leadership of Charles Abi Harb made of the company one of the most chief transportation companies in Lebanon and the neighboring countries. The company has invented an application on smartphones, allowing customers to order any taxi with only one click, and without having to speak a word. Directly, the customer is informed about the closest driver via GPS service. Upon approval, a message is sent to the device through which the order was made.

"The company is prestigious and has been in service for 15 years now," Abi Harb told the National News Agency.

"Since eight months, the company has innovated a very developed way. We opened branches in the areas where the Lebanese go the most, and we put a new program on the Internet. We made a quality leap through the new application on smartphones. For instance, upon use, the app guides the driver to the location of the customer via GPS and, when the customer contacts the office, his location is determined on the map. When we locate the closest point to the driver, he sends a signal and immediately takes the order without the interference of any human factor," he explained.

"Before this tremendous development and we found ourselves before the world map, we see that the entire world is in our hands, and we do have a big branch in Dubai and another one in France. We are now opening a new branch in Cyprus. All revisions are made in Lebanon and, for example, we know how the driver is moving n Dubai while we're here in Lebanon," he continued.

"We created this app and program and there are companies with similar apps, but not as global as ours," he clarified.

"Moreover, we took into account people with special needs. So, we invented a device with a button to click that allows us to know that there is a customer is some place asking for a car to lift him," he went on to say.

"We also put in a number of restaurants and supermarkets Charlie Taxi Butler. When the customer clicks it, the name of the driver, his phone number, and his car type are sent. Then, an SMS is sent to the customer to make sure that he is coming," he added.

Towards globalization

"Owing to this developed technology, we entered the world map. We see now on our phones drivers moving. The red light means he is busy while the green one shows he is ready to go. Once the customer in the car, the mileage counter kicks off. It is to note that we set reduced prices comparing to the usual ones, because of the new traffic law which compels each car to set a counter. When the customer pays, he receives an SMS on the amount he has paid," he added.

"In addition, the customer is asked to grade the driver on a scale from 1 to 5. Afterwards, we sum up the grades and award the driver with the best grades. As to those who obtain low ratings, they are rehabilitated during moral and psychological training sessions," he said.

He also indicated that they signed an agreement with an association that deals with traffic and circulation affairs.

As per the agreement, all drivers follow a training session every three months so as to keep abreast on the new and modified laws.

Rescuer drivers

Abu Harb told the NNA that the company had concluded an agreement with the Lebanese Red Cross, allowing drivers to follow a training session to become first-aid rescuers.

He explained that in the same time, the application on smartphones will show a small icon depicting the Red Cross. "With just one click, Charlie Taxi can head to the injured person via GPS."

"We are trying to render our company in Beirut an international one. We have already signed an alliance contract with companies in 21 countries," he said.

In a nutshell, this is a model innovation, because development is not just confined to owing tools and devices, but it is rather a botch of ideas with a view of reaching solutions.

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