Metapneumovirus B a new virus in Lebanon that comes from the common cold

Written by Abdou Helou

Translated by Rasha Zantout

NNA – Cases of pneumonia have increased in recent period, some so extreme that they require intensive care hospitalization. The family of viruses has branched out to a degree that it has become very difficult to distinguish the symptoms of each one of them.

Within this framework, a new virus called Metapneumovirus B has emerged in Lebanon, stemming from the common cold.  This virus could prove to be one of the most dangerous when it comes to pneumonia.

Professor George Khalil, a specialist in viral and internal diseases, told the National News Agency that doctors suspect that there is a “viral infection when the symptoms are unusual.” Another clue of a viral disease is when both lungs are infected.

“The virus that causes pneumonia is H1N1 and its derivatives, including Coronavirus. There are also viruses that we do not recognize in Lebanon, but they exist.”

Khalil revealed that recent tests showed that there are cases of Metapneumovirus B virus.

“I examined a 25 year old patient who was hit by the virus in a rapid way. Both her lungs were infected and her condition deteriorated quickly, which led me to admit her to the intensive care unit and use artificial respiration machines to help her. She stayed that way for three weeks before healing completely.”

This virus moves through the air. It could start as a common cold in some people, or as bronchitis in others, but it always leads the patient to the intensive care unit. Khalil asserted that the virus could be contracted through breath or touch. The patient experiences decreased levels of oxygen in the body.

“This is the first case witnessed in fifteen years, and the patient must head directly to the doctor when s/he experiences any unusual flu symptoms,” said Khalil, urging people not to neglect their health.

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