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After severe water shortage, rain is finally back to Lebanon

Written by Rima Youssef

Translated by Daisy Khalil

NNA - Despite the "curse of water" inflicted upon the streets of Lebanon over the past week, the chairman of the Authority for Agricultural and Scientific Research, Michel Ephrem assured that "the water situation is excellent, especially after the severe shortage which had been suffered by the country last year."

In an interview with the NNA, Ephrem said the precipitation level compared with that of last year is as follows:

In Qaa: 28 ml this year, 2 ml last year and 3 ml as general rate.

Riyak: 42 ml - 10 ml - 16 ml.

In the mountains: 47 ml - 35 ml - 4 ml.

Tyre: 32 ml - 3 ml - 36 ml.

Beirut: 55 ml - 37 ml - 72 ml.

Kfarchekhna: 97 ml - 13 ml - 62 ml.

Akkar: 94 ml - 31 ml - 92 ml.

Hasbaya: 51 ml - 12 ml - 11 ml.


Ephram said that "the Department of Meteorology can only predict rainfall for two weeks to come in the shadow of climate change," noting that the precipitation rate is not the same in all regions.

"Heavy rainfall is predicted in November, December and January, but we cannot confirm this just yet."

"The recent rainfall discarded the danger of fires that broke out during the past months of the year. These rains are excellent in timing, and they promote agriculture. Low temperatures are expected to be relatively normal this year," he explained.

Concerning the end of the drought season, he said "we need 700 more mm of rain and snow in the mountains to offset drought. We have to wait till December or January to reach the desired level."

Ephram urged the Lebanese "to follow the guidelines of the meteorology department and to take all the necessary precautions while driving on rainy and snowy days."

"Blame does not fall only on the state, but also on citizens," he concluded.

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