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At last ... Baddawi has a maritime outlet

Written by:  Mohammad Seif

Translated by: Lina Yahya Raydan

NNA - Al-Baddawi -- the third town amongst Al-Fayha'a Municipalities Union after Tripoli and Al-Mina -- constitutes a substantial economic site and hosts a huge public crowd as people coming from Al-Minyeh - Dinnieh District and Akkar province reside in it.

The town also includes Al-Baddawi camp for Palestinian refugees and has lately hosted about 15000 displaced Syrians.

Accordingly, Baddawi's current population has exceeded 100 thousand people including approximately 30 thousand Palestinians.

Al-Baddawi, located north of Tripoli, ranks second at the level of Real Estate after Al-Fayhaa municipalities union, whereas it follows Al-Minyeh - Al-Dinnieh District at the level of administrative and electoral issues.

Al-Baddawi contains many important facilities such as Tripoli refinery, Iraq Petroleum Company (Al-Massab), Deir Amar al-Baddawi power production plant, dozens of oil and gas filling stations, a complete industrial city, dozens of schools and high schools and public and private educational institutions, in addition to the Sacred Fish pond, Al-Baraka Mosque and the ancient castle.

Al-Baddawi has suffered from the scourge of civil war and had its share of deaths and destruction, especially at Al-Mankoubine neighborhood, Al-Hara and the governmental hospital surroundings, the Bee valley and Baddawi camp down, reaching Baddawi Mountain.

Baddawi municipality consists of 18 members; three of them represent the Bee Valley neighborhood. Baddawi has six mayors; one of them is for the Bee Valley region.

Ghomrawi, Seif, Feytrouni, Hanouf, Chehadeh, Akouma, Karima, Aattal, Kobeiter, Owaik, Mansour and Kour are of the biggest families that reside in Baddawi region.

The National News Agency seized the opportunity of wrapping up the first stage of the project of building a maritime highway at the northern Saki of Tripoli down to mid Al-Baddawi coast. The NNA spotted the light on the project which is carried out by Baddawi municipality in cooperation with the Public Works and Transportation Ministry.

It is to note that the first stage of the project included opening, rehabilitating and paving the Corniche road of 2 km length and 14 m. width.

Head of Al-Baddawi municipality and Deputy Head of Al-Fayhaa Municipalities Union, Hassan Ghomrawi, told the National News Agency that this highway had been "Al-Baddawi citizens' dream which was materialized in its first stage as for opening, rehabilitating and paving the road and installing the infrastructure."

He added that the works on the 2 km long and 14 meters wide road -- of which a distance of 1200 meters lies within Tripoli municipality region and about 800 meters along the Baddawi coast -- were implemented with a direct support by Former Finance Minister, Mohammad Safadi, and Former Public Works and Transportation Minister, Ahmad Karameh, at the end of the Former government era.

"At last, citizens and residents of Al-Baddawi and its neighborhood had a maritime exit which invites private sector to open Tourism facilities, cultural Kioskes, swimming beaches and other amusement projects and restaurants," Ghomrawi said.

Ghomrawi thanked Former Ministers Safadi and Karameh, and Ministers Ali Hassan Khalil and Ghazi Zoueiter, as well as all members of Tammam Salam's Cabinet who "opened a white page in Lebanon's history and ended violence in Tripoli, the capital of the north, and our Baddawi town by the implementation of the security plan."

Ghomrawi noted that the project's cost in its first stage is L.L. 850 million, hoping the whole project would soon be completed to be an egress to Baddawi citizens and a destination for tourists.

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