Wednesday 21 Feb 2024 - 12:00

01:28 am


Security update: Israeli enemy conducts airstrikes, artillery shelling in Southern Lebanon

NNA - The Israeli enemy forces at dawn on Tuesday fired heavy machine gun rounds towards the mountains of southern Lebanon’s Labouneh and Al-Alam, as well as the outskirts of Naqoura and Alma Al-Shaab. 

Reconnaissance aircraft flew over the villages of the western and central sectors, reaching the Litani River, and dropped flares at night above the bordering villages adjacent to the Blue Line and over the districts of Tyre and Bint Jbeil.

Last night, military aircraft conducted a series of airstrikes targeting several southern Lebanese towns in the western and central sectors, resulting in the martyrdom of two members of "Saraya Al-Quds" in the raid on the town of Tayr Harfa shortly before midnight. 

Two martyrs from the "Islamic Resistance" also fell in the raid on the outskirts of the southern town of Talouseh. 

Additionally, enemy raids targeted Wadi Al-Saluki, the outskirts of Qabrikha, and Mount Blat in the western sector.

Around 10 pm last night, the outskirts of the southern towns of Ramieh, Al-Jebbein, Al-Dhaira, Aita Al-Shaab, Beit Lif, and Rmeish were subjected to artillery shelling.

It is worth mentioning that the enemy is using the most destructive types of internationally banned weapons, which cause extensive damage to the targeted areas, leaving behind a type of black ash that leads to pollution, skin diseases, and respiratory problems.





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