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Mikati adjourns Wednesday’s cabinet session, holds Justice Minister liable for any detriment to state’s supreme interests

NNA - Caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati on Tuesday announced the postponement of a council meeting which had been initially scheduled for Wednesday. 

Mikati urged Khoury to rethink his position, asserting that public posturing in the media could not replace definitive decision-making within the Council of Ministers.

In response to Khoury’s recent statements in a press conference, Mikati’s office issued a detailed statement. It emphasized Mikati’s commitment to Lebanon’s supreme interests and preserving its rights, especially regarding the case currently before the French courts.

The statement further referred to Decree No. 2252 issued on 1-8-1992, which stipulates the operational protocol of the Council of Ministers, notably Article 9, granting the Prime Minister the authority to summon relevant individuals for hearing during a session.

The bone of contention during Khoury’s press conference was his claim that the issue necessitated thorough scrutiny within the Council of Ministers. Mikati asserted that Khoury’s obligation was to attend the proposed session to discuss the matter, present his standpoint, and share his reasons.

Given Khoury’s announcement about his non-attendance at the scheduled meeting, Mikati declared the postponement of the session to a future date. He called on the Justice Minister to reassess his position, emphasizing that media sound bites cannot replace decisive discussions within the Council of Ministers.

In light of the current stalemate, Mikati stressed that Khoury’s obstructionist approach could lead to personal liability for any detriment to the state’s supreme interests. He highlighted that there was still an opportunity for making an appropriate decision, away from fruitless disputes.—agencies 




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