Army: Rescue of 48 people who were on board the Tripoli boat

NNA - Lebanese Army Command - Orientation Directorate issued the following statement on Sunday: 

"On April 23, 2022, the Naval Forces of the Army managed to rescue 48 people thus far, including a dead little girl, who were on board a boat that sank while trying to smuggle them illegally off Qalamoun's coast in the North as a result of water leakage due to the high waves and the boat's overload.

The Navy units worked with the support of Air Force helicopters and a Cessna plane to tow the boat and rescue most of those on board, as it provided them with first aid and transported the injured to hospitals in the area, while the forces continue their operations by land, sea and air to rescue others who are still missing.

Citizen of initials R.M.A. was arrested on suspicion of being involved in the smuggling operation, as investigations began into the incident under the supervision of the concerned judiciary."

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