Army units thwart smuggling operation in Akkar, raid homes of shooters at army force

NNA - Lebanese Army Command - Orientation Directorate issued the following statement this morning: "On April 16, 2022, while an army force thwarted a smuggling operation in the Hekr Jenin-Akkar area, it came under fire from unknown persons from the Syrian side and houses inside the Lebanese territory; thus, the army unit members were forced to respond to the sources of fire, which led to the slight injury of the smuggler (A.A.), who was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment."

"As a result, an army force carried out a raid on the houses from which the shots were fired, arresting several persons suspected of participating in the shooting, and seizing a 'Kalashnikov' rifle and a quantity of goods prepared for smuggling," the statement added.

Investigations with the detainees were initiated under the supervision of the concerned judiciary.



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