Sunday 16 Jun 2024 - 12:00

06:22 pm


One dead, 30 reported injured as Singapore Airlines flight hit by turbulence

NNA - BANGKOK (Reuters) -A Singapore Airlines flight from London made an emergency landing in Bangkok on Tuesday due to severe turbulence, officials said, with one passenger on board dead and local media reporting multiple injuries.

Singapore Airlines did not say at what point the injuries and death took place, but a passenger who spoke to Reuters said turbulence led to those not wearing seatbelts hitting overhead cabins.
Thai media reports said there were 30 injuries, while Singapore Airlines did not specify how many people were injured.

After around 11 hours of flying time from take off in London, the aircraft sharply dropped from an altitude of around 37,000 feet to 31,000 feet within just five minutes as it finished traversing the Andaman Sea and neared Thailand, according to FlightRadar 24 data.— Reuters


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