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Putin: Russia does not establish a military alliance with China and does not threaten any country

NNA - Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia is not establishing a military alliance with China, stressing that it "does not threaten any country," according to "Novosti" news agency.

In an interview with Russia-24 channel, when asked whether cooperation between Moscow and Beijing constituted a threat to the West, Putin said: "No, these allegations do not correspond at all to reality."

He added, "We do not form any military alliance with China. Yes, we also have cooperation in the field of military-technical cooperation, and we do not hide it, but it is transparent, and there is no secret there."

Putin pointed out that "despite the transparency of relations between Moscow and Beijing, Western countries are making attempts to form a (global NATO) that includes new regions."

He pointed out that NATO "approved a new strategic concept for it," announcing its "universality" and plans to develop relations with the countries of the Asia-Pacific region, in a trend reminiscent of the military bloc of the "axis" countries during World War II.

In this context, the Russian President touched on the agreement reached by Britain and Japan earlier this year regarding the development of relations in the military field.



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