Historic polar wave hitting the United States & Canada

NNA - Meteorological services in both the United States and Canada intensified their warnings against polar temperatures that could reach minus 50 degrees, according to "Russia Today' news agency.

The state of Maine, in the northern United States, in particular, is witnessing a sharp drop in temperature, to 51 degrees below zero, according to a bulletin issued by the National Meteorological Service for the Caribou region, close to the border with Canada.

"It's an unprecedented historic polar hail on the scale of a generation, something not seen especially in northern and eastern Maine since 1982 and 1988," the National Weather Service said.

It noted that in parts of the northeastern United States and this region of New England, temperatures under the influence of icy winds may reach "the lowest levels in decades, or even an unprecedented level."

On the other side of the border, an Arctic cold warning has been issued in eastern Canada, according to the Environment Department, which notes the risk of frostbite within minutes.



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