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Russia's duty is to help Donbass, says Putin

NNA - 

Russia's duty is to help people living in Donbass, all attempts to peacefully resolve the situation ended in failure due to Kiev's position, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Monday at a meeting with participants of an environmental forum taking place in Kamchatka.

"It is our duty to help these people (those living in Donbass - TASS), and this is exactly what Russia is doing. All our attempts to resolve this problem peacefully have failed because of the Kiev regime’s position," he said.

Putin noted that he was struck by the courage of Donbass residents defending their republics on the front lines. "I assure you, I know what I'm talking about, because I flew here just after another report from the Defense Ministry leadership [about what's going on]. They are not professional servicemen, locals make up two units, but they fight better than the professional servicemen, they fight very courageously, bravely and effectively," the president said.

But in addition to the courageous and strong people, there are many professionals in the republics, the president added. "Kind, professional, and attuned to positive work in their fields: in the arts, in education, and in environmental protection," he listed.

"And of course, as in other areas, in the restoration of housing, in the revival of industry, agriculture. We must also assist such people. And, of course, we will do so," Putin concluded. -- TASS News Agency


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