Truce at Azovstal, wounded Ukrainian soldiers being evacuated: Russian defence ministry

NNA - The Russian defence ministry said on Monday that a truce had been called at the Azovstal steel mill, the last bastion of Ukrainian resistance in the city of Mariupol, to evacuate wounded Ukrainians.

"[Weapons] silence is currently in force and a humanitarian corridor was opened through which wounded Ukrainian soldiers are transferred to medical facilities in Novoazovsk," the ministry claimed in a statement.

Novoazovsk is a Ukrainian town near the border with Russia that is controlled by Moscow and pro-Moscow forces.

The Russian ministry did not clarify whether the wounded would be considered prisoners of war.

There was also no immediate confirmation from the Ukrainian side. It was not clear how many wounded Ukrainians might leave the site and if any had so far done so.--Euro News 






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