Turkish Ministry of Defense sends more than 80 tons of foodstuff, personal hygiene materials, and spare parts for LAF

NNA - As a sign of solidarity with Lebanon in times of hardship and continued commitment to Lebanon’s security and stability, under the instructions of HE President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Türkiye has intensified its assistance towards the Lebanese people as well as the Lebanese security institutions.

Most recently, the Turkish Ministry of Defense has sent more than 80 tons of foodstuff, personal hygiene material and spare parts for the benefit of the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) and their members.

Turkish Navy ship TCG İSKENDERUN (A-1600) transporting this aid arrived at the port of Beirut today (31 March). The aid material was delivered to LAF in the presence of Ambassador Ali Barış Ulusoy and Military Attaché Colonel Hüseyin Başaran on the Turkish side, and General Elias Youssef representing LAF.

This most recent aid by the Turkish Armed Forces to LAF follows the delivery of 524 tons of food assistance last week by the Turkish Ministry of Interior for the benefit of the members of the Lebanese security institutions (Internal Security Forces, General Security, State Security and Civil Defense) affiliated with the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities. 

Türkiye’s contribution to Lebanese security institutions will continue throughout the year.




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