Boushkian representing Mikati at the conclusion of 20th Science Competition: We are on the verge of a new phase, with oil extraction moving Lebanon from one bank to the other

NNA – Caretaker Industry Ministry George Boushkian represented PM Najib Mikati at the conclusion of the activities of the twentieth annual Science Competition 2023 organized by the National Commission for Science and Research at the Conferences Palace - Rafic Hariri University Complex in Hadath.

The ceremony came following the arbitration of 97 participating scientific projects from 70 different schools, submitted by 400 male and female students with their supervising instructors. The arbitration took place online via the Microsoft Teams platform between March 15 and 17, according to specific arbitration criteria.

The final ceremony was preceded by a science exhibition, during which the participating students displayed posters of their innovations to the visitors.

In his delivered word, Boushkian conveyed the greetings of the Prime Minister and his encouragement for this activity that is related to the future of generations in the country and its economy. He congratulated the organizers and the youth participating enthusiastically in creative and innovative scientific, technological and industrial projects.

“We in Lebanon are most in need of such scientific and practical projects to develop our industries and enter new and modern technological, information and electronic sectors that depend on your capabilities, qualifications and expertise,” he added, addressing the young participants and the Lebanese youth in general.

"Lebanon does not lack educated human capabilities as a result of its richness in ancient universities to which students from the countries of the region come, with their outstanding university professors and an environment that fosters culture, openness and multilingualism...No matter what is said about the difficult situation in Lebanon, which is true and cannot be denied, the faith, struggle and stubbornness of the Lebanese render them determined to face the challenges, overcome the difficulties, and continue the march of progress, construction, production and export,” Boushkian went on.

He added: “The Lebanon of tomorrow is the Lebanon of competence, the Lebanon of leadership, the Lebanon of citizenship, the Lebanon of principles, and most importantly the Lebanon of law...My advice to you is not to deviate from your adherence to these core commitments and headlines that will lead your life towards goodness and success.”

Boushkian summed-up with an optimistic note by considering that “we are entering a new phase in the country, with the extraction of gas and oil moving Lebanon from one bank to the other...and when Lebanon becomes a country dependent on its oil resources, the concept of production will be further strengthened in the national economy, and large institutions will come to Lebanon and the required local, international and multinational partnerships will be established, making Beirut a prominent city on the map of the Arab and regional economy."

“You are the future and the leaders of tomorrow's Lebanon...With you begins the real change required to build a homeland in which its children live equally and without discrimination...The important thing is not to lose hope and trust in yourself,” he reassuringly concluded.



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