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Al-Murtada from Nabu Museum: Beirut, city of light & freedom, a wound that knows nothing but joy, holds heavy pact with culture of truth

NNA – Caretaker Minister of Culture, Judge Muhammad Wissam Al-Murtada, inaugurated today the Nabu exhibition, "Beirut 1840-1918 - Pictures and Maps", at the Nabu Museum in the region of El-Herri - North Lebanon.

Under the headline, "Let's remember Beirut as it was, preserve what is left and rise again", the exhibition opening was attended by Caretaker Tourism and Information Ministers, Walid Nassar and Ziad Al-Makari, as well as Editors Syndicate Chief Joseph Al-Kosseifi, President of the Maronite Association Khalil Karam, US Ambassador Dorothy Shea, founder of the Nabu Museum Jawad Adra, and a number of diplomats, prominent figures and a popular crowd.

In his address on the occasion, Al-Murtada paid tribute to Beirut, “the lady of light and freedom...the wound that knows nothing but joy, the morning that sees no sunset, and the human who holds a heavy pact with thought, creativity, and belonging to goodness and the culture of truth.”

Commending the museum exhibition, the Culture Minister said: “This heritage documentation achievement should not be limited to images of Beirut alone. In Tripoli, for example, there are countless architectural treasures, embracing the ancient, medieval and modern eras, and it is worth having its heritage preserved in photos...just like other Lebanese cities and villages. Hence my call to the guardians, and to all those interested in this pioneering civilized work, especially the municipal councils, to set up exhibitions for the memory similar to this exhibition, especially for each village or region, because faces are extinguished, names disappear, places change, and memory becomes an oblivion...Therefore, if a frame surrounds it and it is attached to a remains and is passed on through generations."

Al-Murtada concluded by praising the efforts of the exhibition holders for their wonderful work in portraying images of Beirut City in such a remarkable setting.

In turn, exhibition founder, Jawad Adra, said in his delivered word: "We, at Nabu, believe that differences of opinion encourage creativity and that without art and culture there will be neither a lively economy nor a good management of this country...The devastation that we see at all levels is the result of ignorance, selfishness and greed...and in culture there is a remedy for that..."

Adra thanked all those who contributed to laying the building blocks to realize the Nabu dream.



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