Education Minister: We will announce date of official exams very soon

NNA - Minister of Education, Dr. Abbas Al-Halabi, on Tuesday confirmed that the date of official exams will be decided upon based on a report prepared by the Educational Center, “which has been somewhat delayed.”

“We’ve been promised to receive this report tomorrow, and it will be studied along with the Ministry’s General Director and work team; accordingly, we will announce the date of exams very soon,” he added. 

Al-Halabi’s words came during an inspection tour of public schools in the central Bekaa.

Moreover, the Education Minister pointed to attempts by a number of private schools urging the payment of part of the school tuition fees in fresh US dollars.

“Accordingly, we’ve issued a statement yesterday, in which we explained the Ministry’s position in this regard, and the legal frameworks that authorize the Ministry of Education to intervene in these cases,” Al-Halabi said, explaining that the Ministry doesn’t plan to interfere in case of an agreement between the school administration and the parents’ committee. 

However, Al-Halabi made it clear that he would not accept the dismissal of students  from schools if they failed to pay their tuition fees in fresh USD. 





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