Parents of Lebanese Students Studying Abroad to gather outside Baabda Palace tomorrow

NNA - In an issued statement on Thursday, the "Association of Parents of Lebanese Students Studying Abroad" called on students’ families and all those in solidarity with the students' dossier to gather in front of the Republican Palace at 11 a.m. tomorrow, Friday, “to demand the immediate issuance of the 'Student Dollar Law' in preparation for being published in the Lebanese Official Gazette.”

The Association cautioned against "the risk of delaying this law any further, as every day of delay leads to the dismissal of dozens of students from their universities while others are forced to leave their places of residence abroad..."

It also expressed surprise towards the "issuance of a number of republican decrees excluding the student law, despite being approved by all parliamentary blocs, with its provisions ratified by Parliament.”

"His Excellency the President is the first and righteous national reference that transcends all rumors about the law being dragged into the arena of rivalries and personal interests," the Association's statement went on.

It also affirmed that this law is "a fair and just ruling to facilitate the affairs of citizens,” and stressed its “persistent keenness to protect the student dollar law from opportunists at the expense of our students abroad."



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