Mortada delivers Lebanon’s address at the 'Arabic Language Summit' in Dubai: To develop a scientific plan aimed at connecting what was cut off between our youth and their heritage

NNA – Minister of Culture, Judge Mohammad Mortada, called on the Arab ministers of culture to “work with the help of specialists in education and linguistic sciences, to develop a scientific plan with clear curricula and easy implementation mechanisms, aiming to connect what was cut off between our youth and their heritage, and not only to revive it, in order for our language to absorb all the data of the modern era in all aspects of knowledge.”

“In order to achieve this, we need determination, awareness, and securing the material requirements,” he said.

“Today we have three headings: Language, Youth and Modernity. In the mind of every Arab, these three must be one. Language is an identity and a domain of existence, as the German philosopher Immanuel Kant said. As for the Muslim Arab, it is the home of a dual existence, here and in the afterlife, because it was sanctified on earth by the revelation of the Sacred Qur’an through it and in heaven because it is the language of the people of Paradise, as in some of our heritage,” highlighted Mortada.

The Culture Minister’s words came during his speech representing Lebanon at the Conference of Ministers of Cultural Affairs in the Arab World, “The Arabic Language Summit”, held in Dubai in the presence of Arab League Secretary-General, Ambassador Ahmed Aboul Gheit, United Arab Emirates Minister of Culture and Youth, Noura bint Mohammad Al Kaabi, and the Ministers of Culture in the Arab countries.



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