LAU and USAID celebrate the Higher Education Scholarship Program (HES)

NNA - The Lebanese American University (LAU) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) welcomed 83 new students for academic year 2021-2022 of the Higher Education Scholarship (HES) program.  Through HES, USAID supports graduates from public, private and technical schoolsfrom all six governorates of Lebanon by providing full four-year undergraduate scholarships to pursue quality higher education. 

Since 2010, USAID invested more than $150 million and granted more than 1,500 students full scholarships at LAU and the American University of Beirut.  These scholars are offered a quality education with rigorous academic standards and a campus environment that promotes social equality and critical thinking. All HES scholars also engage in civic education activities, job readiness workshops and community service projects.

On November 4, U.S. Embassy Chargé d’Affaires Mr. Richard Michaels, USAID Lebanon Mission Director Eileen Devitt, as well as LAU’s Vice President for Student Development and Enrollment Management Dr. Elise Salem, Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management Mr. Abdo Ghie, anduniversity faculty and scholars participated in a welcome event for the 2021-2022 cohort at LAU’s Beirut campus. 

In his pre-recorded welcoming remarks, Dr. Mawad thanked the American people, the American taxpayers, the American Government and USAID, for supporting the university’smissionHe underscored the importance of the program that aims to provide full undergraduate scholarships to public and private high-school students from all six governorates of Lebanon, noting that since 2010, 759 students have benefitted from the program at LAU, in which 243 Merit Scholars are currently enrolled.

Addressing the new scholars, he said: “LAU is proud of every one of you for getting to where you are now. We hope this opportunity, which is being given to you, will be a life-changing experience in every way and sets you up for a productive life potential of success, service and continued learning. Your merit is being recognized and your vast capabilities and capacity are being developed in the best way possible. You belong to an outstanding school, which is LAU. You will be taught by dedicated professors on a beautiful campus both in Beirut and in Byblos with all possible services extended to you. The rest is yours to accomplish through hard work, through high motivation, and the drive which has gotten you here in the first place.”

US Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission Richard Michaels stated, “This program is a significant investment in the future of Lebanon and it highlights the ongoing, strong relationship between the American people and the Lebanese. 

The event included testimonials by the scholars as they shared their experiences and the impact of the scholarship on their lives. --LAU 


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