Ministry of Education dismisses as “inaccurate” news about integrating Syrian students with Lebanese ones

NNA - The press office of Lebanon’s Ministry of Education on Thursday dismissed in a statement as “inaccurate” the news that’s being spread through social media outlets about the General Directorate of Education’s plan to carry out a project that encourages the integration of Syrian students with Lebanese students, in cooperation with the Hardwired Association. 

“This news is inaccurate because the project has absolutely nothing to do with integrating Syrian students with Lebanese students. The project rather aims at integrating Lebanese students regardless of their differences, whether in terms of educational needs or diversity of customs and traditions,” the statement read. 

“The concept of pluralism in this project emanates from the principle of respecting sectarian, religious, and ethnic diversity in a country that is based on dialogue, convergence, and spreading a culture of respect for others’ opinions among learners,” the statement added. 





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