Education Minister announces cessation of salary deduction decisions, pushes for fresh start of new academic year

NNA - Caretaker Minister of Education, Abbas Al-Halabi, on Tuesday called on the educational family, with all its components, to prepare for a new academic year away from the forced suspension which was imposed by harsh circumstances last year. 

“We have succeeded in securing a financial allocation from the Lebanese treasury for the benefit of all teachers and professors in general education, vocational, technical education, and the Lebanese University, and for all the employees of the Ministry, the Educational Center for Research and Development, and the University,” Al-Halabi said. 

“Based on this and everything that has been done in favor of professors, teachers, and contractors, I call on those concerned to open a new page and end disagreements, especially since the need to improve living and social conditions is our common goal,” Al-Halabi added. 

“The current circumstances require of all of us to save the educational and public schools sector from collapse (…). Based on all of this, we announce the cessation of previously taken decisions to deduct salaries, in the hope that this measure will constitute a new impetus for all members of the educational to start a successful academic year.”





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