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Inkript ranks 15th worldwide as card manufacturer by Nilson Report

NNA - Inkript, a digital security solutions provider and a subsidiary of Resource Group, was ranked 15th globally in the card manufacturers listing by The Nilson Report, the most trusted source for news and analysis on the global card and mobile payment industry.

Inkript also kept its place among the leaders in card shipments in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) according to the report.

“The smartcard market is expected to further develop in the next five years considering the growing demand in a multitude of industries including finance, telecommunications, healthcare, retail, government, transportation and Internet of Things (IoT),” said Hisham itani, Chairman and CEO of Resource Group.  “In fact, smartcards are widely used to support access, identity, payment and applications. For example, financial institutions are widely introducing technology-based smartcards to provide secure financial transactions. Therefore, the need for information security related to the user credentials is rising and expected to drive the demand for highly secured smartcards. In IoT, enabled devices are unfortunately vulnerable to security attacks and the need to secure IoT devices has led to a high demand for smartcards which are used in authentication but also in encryption key management between the card, user and device. In this line, we have been working closely with different stakeholders in the MEA to support them in creating a secure ecosystem part of their overall digital transformation journey.”

Itani added, “Our Research and Development teams at Inkript have been following the market demand and trends, and identifying challenges to come up with products and solutions that cater to the changing societal behaviors affected by economic, social and environmental disruptions. With the rise of digital technologies, Inkript is continuously introducing technology innovations to enhance the citizen experience through secure products and solutions that cater to the evolving market needs.”

The Nilson Report’s Card Manufacturers 2021 listing includes the shipment of SIM cards, transportation/ticketing cards, private label prepaid cards, phone cards and nonpayment cards such as those for identification, access control, membership/loyalty, promotions, healthcare, driver’s licenses, etc.




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