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Amwaluna Lana Association sends open letter to IMF

NNA - The Amwaluna Lana Association sent an open letter to the International Monetary Fund, in which it stated:

Further to the meeting the depositors’ groups and representatives had with the IMF on Monday, 20 March, 2023 , where the depositors (6 of 7 depositors’ entities) delivered a common letter that explained our situation, we are disappointed that the IMF did not take its content into consideration in its press conference of 23 March 2023, but are still hopeful that there will be a change of mind prior to your September trip.
Given that the IMF has been visiting the country over the last 2 decades, and making similar reports in content about the need for better governance to slow down corruption activities, etc., your reports did NOT lead to any results. Therefore, we believe it is time to change ways of dealing with the Lebanese situation.
Given that the DEPOSITORS’ money is stolen, the solution should center around solving this KEY problem since, if solved, trust and stability ensues which are two essential ingredients for a better financial and economic future.
When providing proper and ethical solution, one has to be morally correct and not use double standards as means of solutions for they risk to fall in the same corner as the corrupt people and entities.
Based on the above, the ONLY solution that we are humbly asking the IMF to assist us with are the following – to start with:
1. Lebanese banks and their shareholders shall return all their capital and profits acquired over the last 25 years.
2. All personnel who held public office in the country shall return all the monetary assets that they moved outside the country since 2011; those people are known to you.


In your press conference, you mentioned that there are a large numbers of refugees that have exacerbated our bad economic / financial situation. We wish to confirm your information and advise you that this burden has been estimated at more than 50 billion USD. We humbly ask: What has the IMF done about it? What have your respectable members done to alleviate that burden on Lebanon and its citizens?
In closing, it pains us to say that over the last decade the IMF has been a silent and false witness, and has not acted in the best interest of the Lebanese people,  However, we are hopeful that, prior to your September trip, the IMF can refocus its approach in accordance with the content of this letter.
Should the IMF wish to continue with the same attitude as in the past, we hereby tell you: you are NOT welcome in Lebanon, and the Lebanese people do NOT need your assistance for you would be aligning yourself with the corrupt politicians and would be undermining whatever assets we have left.  GOD knows our thieves do NOT need any assistance in this feat.




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