Monday 17 Jun 2024 - 12:00

10:25 am


Gathering of Lebanese Businessmen & Women: We are committed to Universal Daylight Savings Time

NNA - Lebanese Businessmen & Women's Gathering (RDCL) announced today that it "adheres to the Universal Daylight Saving Time, in line with the interest of the private sector in its relations with its global partners, and to maintain the regularity of work in computers, electronic programs and banking operations, as well as to save energy consumption for companies and the public."

"Enough with our persistence in isolating Lebanon from the world," they said in a statement today.

It added: "The private sector operates on the international timing system, which connects it technically, financially, and operationally with the world. The recent abrupt and unjustified decision to postpone daylight saving time for lebanon cannot be followed, as it would create chaos and confusion especially at the airport with international flights, in addition to internet servers, computers, swift and banking systems and much more. This would lead to high financial and operational risks, which the private sector cannot accept without proper justification."

"Such decisions would need to be debated and prepared in advance as to mitigate all the potential risks. We must stop isolating Lebanon from the world, its own laws and regulations, and global best practice," the statement underlined.

"We have decided to adhere to international standards, and to stick to the daylight saving time switch on time with international partners as of tonight," the statement declared.

"Moreover, daylight saving times has multiple benefits in terms of energy consumption (which lebanon is in dire need of), and other countless environmental and social benefits," the statement concluded.



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