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US Embassy in Lebanon: Revised Visa Reciprocity Fee Schedule for Lebanon

NNA - The US Embassy in Beirut issued the following statement: 

Effective December 30, 2022, the reciprocity fee schedule for Lebanon is revised for the following nonimmigrant visa (NIV) categories listed below. The reciprocity fee is charged in addition to the nonimmigrant visa application fee (MRV fee) and can be paid at the time of your appointment if the application is approved. The old fees are listed in parentheses. Visa categories which are not listed below remain unchanged.


Class    Reciprocity Fee

F-1 (Student)    $0 ($708)

F-2 (Dependent of F1 Visa)    $0 ($708)

M-1 (Nonacademic Student)    $0 ($708)

M-2 (Dependent of M-1 Visa)    $0 ($708)

J-1 (Exchange Visitor)    $0 ($708)

J2 (Dependent of Exchange Visitor)    $0 ($708)

L-1 (Intracompany Transferee)    $2,092 ($3,834)

L-2 (Dependent of Intracompany Transferee)    $2,092 ($3,834)

H-1B (Person in Specialty Occupation)    $748 ($2,243)

H-1C (Nurse in health professional shortage area)    $748 ($2,243)

H-3 (Trainee or Special Education Visitor)    $748 ($2,243)

H-4 (Dependent of H visa holder)    $748 ($2,243)

R-1 (Religious worker)    $502 ($1,843)

R-2 (Dependent of R1 visa holder)    $502 ($1,843)






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