Association of Banks suspends strike, banks to resume business tomorrow

NNA - The Association of Banks in Lebanon announced in a statement today that following its meeting on the necessity of ensuring the continuity of customer service, taking into account the current difficult security conditions and the need to preserve the safety of bank customers and employees alike, in the absence of adequate protection by the state, it has decided that banks will resume their business starting tomorrow, Monday, 9/26/2022, through channels determined by each bank for the operations of commercial, educational, hospital and other institutions

Transactions through ATMs for all clients will also continue, allowing them to make their regular deposits and withdrawals, the statement added.

The Association will also facilitate securing public sector salaries after transferring them to various banks from the Banque du Liban.

It also reassured bank clients that any urgent requests can be addressed to the banks' administrations or hotline customer service lines for immediate attention.



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