Boushkian: Lebanese durum wheat is among the finest in the world

NNA - Caretaker Industry Minister George Boushkian stressed that "the Lebanese durum wheat is one of the finest types of wheat in the world and is in great demand," noting that "the available quantities ensure self-sufficiency."

Speaking in a radio interview earlier today, Boushkian deemed PM Najib Mikati as "the most suitable person to head the government and complete what the caretaker government has started, especially with regards to the agreement with the International Monetary Fund." 

Boushkian also called for "putting political clashes aside and giving utmost attention to the difficult economic and daily living conditions that the country is witnessing," stressing that "we no longer have the luxury of time and the stage requires solidarity to keep politics away from these files."

On a different note, he stated that "the employees of the Ministry of Industry did not partake in the strike carried out by public sector employees, and are attending to work three days every week to complete their required tasks."

"It is not possible to stop the export licenses and many of the transactions carried out by the ministry, otherwise we will go into a collision," he explained.

Boushkian also indicated that "the Lebanese industrialists are facing competition by their Syrian counterparts, who constitute a huge burden on the country's infrastructure."



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