Hamieh announces from Maghdouche "establishment of ship maintenance, petroleum activities logistics port in Zahrani region"

NNA - Caretaker Minister of Transport and Public Works, Ali Hamieh, announced today a project to establish a port for ship maintenance and logistics services for petroleum activities in the Zahrani region.

His words came during a visit to the shrine of "Our Lady of Mantara" in Maghdouche this morning, marking the end of the Marian month.

"This project began four months ago, and we visited Cameroon and France in order to benefit from their expertise," Hamieh said, adding that "this project is open for investment to all countries of the world, east and west, with the exception of the Israeli enemy," deeming this project as a means to "keep people deeply-rooted in their land and open thousands of job opportunities."

"Lebanon is not a poor country, on the contrary, it enjoys a privileged geographical location on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean that can impose its conditions on the whole world," Hamieh concluded.



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