Time.     Topic

9:30       Session of the National Economy, Trade, Industry and Planning Committee headed by MP Farid Al-Khazen

10:30     Session of the Finance and Budget Committee, headed by its Chairman, MP Ibrahim Kanaan, to follow up on the study of the draft general budget for the year 2024

10:30    Session of the Public Health, Labor and Social Affairs Committee, headed by its Chairman, MP Bilal Abdullah

10:30     Session of the committee to follow up on the implementation of the decisions and recommendations that emerged from the workshop on the educational sector, headed by its chairman, MP Ashraf Baydoun

15:00.     Symbolic stand by Doctors Without Borders in Martyrs' Square to demand an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza

16:00.      Inauguration ceremony of the road rehabilitation project located at the entrance to the campus of the Faculty of Science and Technology of Saint Joseph University in Beirut, Mar Roukoz Road, in the presence of the Ministers of Works and Information


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