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11:00 am        Session by the Public Works, Transportation, Energy, and Water Committee chaired by MP Sajih Atiyya, to discuss the current state of roads, rivers, floods, and the damages caused.

2:30 pm         Dr. Janaan Al-Khouri Al-releases her book "Criminal Law for Business” at the Beirut International Arab Book Fair, in the Sea Side Arena.

4:30 pm        Book signing event for "Smart Cities in the Arab World and Their Economic and Social Impacts" by Dr. Nidal Abu Zaki, hosted by the Arab House for Science Publishers and Orient Planet Group, at Pavilion A22 at the Beirut International Book Fair - Sea Side Arena.

4:30 pm      Book signing event of "Mills of Love" authored by 15 women from the families of the missing in Lebanon, at the Lecture Hall of Beirut International Arab Book Fair - Sea Side Arena.





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