Monday 04 Mar 2024 - 12:00

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6:00.     The National Federation of Workers and Employees Syndicates in Lebanon and the Beirut Port Drivers Committee call for a warning sit-in for truck drivers at Beirut Port in front of Gate 14. A press conference will be held at nine in the morning

11:00.    Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri calls for a joint session of the committees: Finance and Budget, Administration and Justice, National Defense, Interior and Municipalities, National Economy, Trade, Industry and Planning, to study the agenda, which includes 8 bill proposals

12:00.    Governor of Mount Lebanon, Judge Muhammad Al-Makawi, patronizes the conclusion of the project to increase the resilience of communities towards forest fires

13:00.    President of the Bar Association, Nader Gaspar, inaugurates the conference on "Protecting Children in the Digital Environment", followed by a speech by the Minister of Education, Abbas Al-Halabi

14:00    A press conference for the Coalition for the Independence of the Judiciary in cooperation with the Deputies: Osama Saad, Paula Yacoubian, Michel Douaihy, Mark Daou, Ibrahim Mneimneh, Halima Al-Qaakour, Firas Hamdan, Cynthia Al-Zarazir, Dr. Elias Jaradi announces a "legislative initiative in the face of obstruction of the judiciary and impunity" in Badaro

16:00     Minister of Culture, Muhammad Wissam al-Murtada, is sponsoring a symposium entitled: "Poet Jawdat Haidar.. the Writer of the Two Languages", at the invitation of the Ministry of Culture, at the National Library - Sanayeh



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