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9:00 am       Closing session of a workshop titled "Strengthening the Concepts of Human Rights in Lebanese Religious Courts" at the Lawyer's Housein Beirut, upon the invitation of the Lebanese Foundation for Permanent Civil Peace (LFPCP) and the Norwegian Center for Human Rights - University of Oslo.

6:00 pm       Medical symposium titled "Prevention of Infectious Diseases and Treatment Methods" by Dr. Ghinwa Al-Daqduqi, at the invitation of the Saiid and Saadi Fakhri Development Foundation, and in cooperation with Hammoud University Hospital, at the Saiid Asaad Fakhri Center for Cultural Development in Zrarieh.

8:00 pm      Training seminar organized by the Social and Cultural Committee of the Lebanese Pharmacists Syndicate under the title "Positive Mental Training" by international trainer Samir Zuhil, at the Syndicate's Auditorium - Corniche Al-Nahr.



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