Session for the House Committee of Environment chaired by MP Ghayath Yazbek.


Commemoration of the 41st martyrdom anniversary of Dr. Mustafa Shumran, at the invitation of the Cultural Counsellorship of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Lebanon and the Municipality of Ghobeiry.

5:00 pm                     Launch of a new project “Ahlan” by UNICEF Lebanon and Souk el Tayeb funded by the governments of Canada and Australia at Tawlet - Armenia Street - Mar Mikhael. AHLAN is a network of community-based projects that aims to develop, launch and sustain small scale restaurants "AHLAN BEL MATBAKH", guest homes "AHLAN BEL BEIT" and farmers' shops "AHLAN BEL DEKEN", mainly owned by women, youth and families across Lebanon.

With AHLAN, UNICEF Lebanon and Souk El Tayeb set a new vision of local tourism and celebrates the best that Lebanon has to offer: its hospitality.





تابعوا أخبار الوكالة الوطنية للاعلام عبر أثير إذاعة لبنان على الموجات 98.5 و98.1 و96.2 FM

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