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Sit-in at Electricité du Liban’s establishment centers at the invitation of the Syndicate of workers and Electricité du Liban’s employees. 

Work will be suspended for two days. 

10:00 am        Minister of Interior and Municipalities, Judge Bassam Mawlawi, visits the Civil Defense headquarters in Furn El Chebbak.

Minister Mawlawi and the Director General of Civil Defense, Brigadier Raymond Khattar, are expected to deliver speeches. 10:30 am       Finance and Budget Committee meets under the chairmanship of MP Ibrahim Kanaan to follow up on a law proposal on debt interest rates, industrial, agricultural, and tourism loans, as well as Decree No. 1715 aiming to promote sergeants at the General Directorate of the Internal Security Forces to the rank of lieutenant.

11:00 am           Sit-in to be staged by contract LU professors at President Michel Sleiman's university complex - North Governorate. 

11:00 am           Press conference by the President of the National Federation of Trade Unions and Employees in Lebanon, Castro Abdallah, in front of the Ministry of Economy - Riad El Solh.

12:00 pm          Press conference by UNICEF and the International Labor Organization in partnership with the European Union, at Sama Beirut building, second floor - Sodeco, to launch the new national program for social grants for persons with disabilities.

4:00 pm           Panel discussion entitled "The Road to a New Health System in Lebanon: Discussing Strategies amid the Transitional Phase", organized by the Global Health Institute at the American University of Beirut. 

5:00 pm          Photo exhibition organized by the Embassy of Sweden in Beirut under the title (SVERIGE A-O) in Beirut souks, downtown. 






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