Friday 19 Jul 2024 - 12:00

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Italian-led Military Technical Committee begins operations with aid delivery to Lebanese Army

NNA - The press office of the Military Technical Committee for Lebanon (Military Technical Committee - MTC - for Lebanon), an Italian-led multilateral coordination technical body, issued a statement today announcing that the MTC has become operational and has taken its first concrete steps. 

This was marked by the arrival of the first cargo plane at Beirut airport from Italy, loaded with essential materials and goods for the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF), including medicines and food supplies.

The MTC, established in early March and refined over the past months, is chaired by Division General Diodato Abagnara. The Committee's primary task is to support the LAF in developing a roadmap that includes phases of recruitment, training, equipment, and financing.

The Committee, established in full synergy with the Lebanese Government, operates in compliance with United Nations Resolutions 1701 (2006), 2650 (2022), and 2695 (2023), as part of the UNIFIL mission deployed south of the Litani River. It also aligns with the current tasks of the Italian Bilateral Military Mission in Lebanon (MIBIL).

Currently, the MTC is comprised of several framework nations, including France, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, and observer countries such as the United States, Canada, and the Netherlands. Italy plays a leading role in this context, acting as the central hub for proposals and initiatives from partner nations and driving the strengthening and enhancement of LAF capacity and mobility.

The initiative includes various phases, such as increasing joint operations with the LAF south of the Litani River, with the support and consent of the local population, to maintain the presence of specialized UNIFIL personnel. It also seeks constant and essential support from MIBIL instructors and the implementation of high social impact activities between CIMIC units, governmental, and non-governmental organizations, to ensure a consistent presence in the territory and encourage the return of displaced persons.

Additionally, the initiative focuses on the disposal of explosive devices and a committed contribution to improving the living conditions of the LAF. The arrival of the first Italian cargo aircraft is just the beginning of a multidimensional and constantly evolving effort.





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