Tuesday 21 May 2024 - 12:00

04:14 pm


UNRWA launches US$ 415.4 million appeal for Palestine refugees in Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan

NNA - UNRWA is urging its partners to continue supporting Palestine Refugees in Syria, and those who have fled to neighbouring Lebanon and Jordan as a result of the 13-year conflict in Syria. The Agency is appealing for US$ 415.4 million to support its chronically underfunded operations in these three countries.

“We must continue to support Palestine Refugees affected by the 13-year-long Syria crisis. While the horror unfolding in Gaza is consuming most of our attention, humanitarian needs in other crisis-affected areas of operations should not be overlooked,” said Natalie Boucly, UNRWA’s Deputy Commissioner-General for Programmes and Partnerships, who launched the appeal in Beirut.

UNRWA has a long-standing humanitarian assistance programme to mitigate the worst effects of the conflict in Syria on Palestine Refugees, and to address the deteriorating socio-economic conditions of hundreds of thousands of vulnerable Palestine Refugees in Lebanon and Jordan.

With funds received through this appeal, UNRWA will continue cash and in-kind food assistance, together with health care, education, technical and vocational training.

Despite the growing needs, funding for UNRWA’s emergency appeals for Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan decreased over recent years, with a dramatic fall to only 27 per cent coverage in 2023.

In 2021, just over half of the funding was covered, while it went down to 40 per cent in 2022.

“UNRWA’s overall funding situation remains precarious, especially given the challenges it has faced since the conflict in Gaza started. With significant funding gaps impeding its ability to implement its mandate, UNRWA will soon struggle to maintain the level of humanitarian assistance it can provide, and that level is already at minimum,” said Natalie Boucly.

“As the Palestine Refugee community faces even greater existential challenges across the region, UNRWA’s role has never been more vital,” she added. -- UNRWA



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