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(Update) Palestinian joint force completes its deployment, evacuates militants from schools

NNA - Sidon - The joint Palestinian security force in Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp completed its deployment at the schools’ complex in the Al-Tawaree area - Al-Taameer Al-Tahtani and Al-Fawqani Street, Bustan Al-Quds, where it set out at 2.00 pm from its headquarters on Al-Tahtani Street, accompanied by members of the Palestinian Joint Action Authority and the Commander of the Joint Force, Major General Mahmoud Al-Ajouri. 

They were divided into two forces, one of which went in the direction of Al-Taameer Al-Tawaree, and the second took the direction of the Bustan al-Quds Street, where they entered the school complex and completely evacuated it of the militants of the Fatah movement and the Muslim Youth Gathering, and they positioned themselves in front of it.

This practical step would reassure the people and motivate them to return to their homes, after everyone showed flexibility and positivity to end everything that would bring tension back to the camp.

In addition, the spokesman for the Palestinian National Security Forces in the Sidon region, Youssef Al-Zari’i, said: “Our forces carried out the evacuation of Al-Samou’ School and the camp director’s office in conjunction with the withdrawal of terrorist groups from the schools of Bisan, Safad, and Naqoura. The joint Palestinian force deployed at the gates of these schools.”

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