Yassin from Istanbul says “severe food crisis may occur in Arab world within few years due to drought”

NNA – Caretaker Minister of Environment Nasser Yassin warned of a “severe food crisis that Arab countries may witness within a few years due to climate change and drought.”

This came during his participation in the Al Sharq Youth Forum which began today in the Turkish capital, Istanbul.

In his address at the conference, Yassin stressed that “the world is faced with certain historical facts due to climate change,” warning of “the possibility of a severe food crisis that the Arab world may witness within a few years due to drought,” and revealing that “67% of Arab land may be uncultivable within years, thus leading to an unprecedented food crisis."

Yassin considered that the “ecological nation” will create new crises such as “displacement and migration," stressing that "the reasons for this are the political leaders' interests in security at the expense of the environment and climate change...”

On the sidelines of his participation in the Youth Forum, the Caretaker Environment Minister earlier met with Turkish Youth & Sports Minister Mehmet Kasapoğlu, during which they discussed prospects for joint cooperation between Lebanon and Turkey.

Yassin also held talks with the Chief Executive Director of the International Crisis Group, Dr. Comfort Ero, who spoke about "the challenges that the world is facing in the West and East, both due to wars, conflicts and strategic changes that the world is witnessing." They also tackled the Lebanese crisis and the efforts exerted to solve the various political and economic challenges.



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