"Light Up Our Community " brings back light, safety to Beirut’s streets: Rebirth Beirut illuminates streets, revives economy

NNA - Amid the darkness of the Lebanese scene, a glimmer of light and hope is emerging in the capital. Rebirth Beirut continues its challenge to the successive Lebanese crises, and today, under the patronage of the Governor, Judge Marwan Abboud, and in cooperation with Medco, it prepares to launch its new initiative "Light Up Our Community” with the aim of lighting Beirut's streets in order to maintain security and safety and to contribute to the gradual return of life to the capital.

The president of Rebirth Beirut Mr. Gaby Fernaine said in a statement: “This event will contribute to reviving tourism in the region, and restoring security at night.

The association will illuminate the streets of Gemmayze, Pasteur and Mar Mikhael as a first step, on Sunday May 22nd 2022 at 7:00 PM, through a celebration in front of the association’s headquarters in Gemayze Main Street.

The lighting of Beirut streets will be in partnership with the private sector and the local community, who own private generators for buildings or residential neighborhoods.”

Today's initiative comes as a continuation of previous initiatives launched in Beirut since the explosion of August 4, which included lighting traffic lights on solar energy under the slogan “With Every traffic Light, we ignite hope” and asphalting a thousand hole under the title “For a smooth and safer journey.”

 All this comes as an effort to bring back the spirit to the city, which should remain a beacon of culture, art, joy and life.






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