Italian media delegation visits Tyre

NNA - An Italian media delegation visited today the municipality of Tyre, where its members were welcomed by Mayor Hassan Dbouq and the municipal council, who briefed them on the projects carried out by the municipality and its future endeavours, stressing "the cooperation between the Italian UNIFIL peacekeepers operating in southern Lebanon and the assistance they provide to Tyre's municipality and civil society."

Dbouq stressed the "historical and friendly relations between Lebanon and Italy, especially the city of Tyre, through the Italian battalion operating within UNIFIL," thanking the delegation members for their valued visit.

In a press conference held by the delegation, they spoke about the city of Tyre in its past and present periods, and what links it culturally and historically with Italy. 

The delegation then visited the Romanian archaeological landmarks of Tyre, highlighting "the significance of Tyre throughout history because of the important historical archaeological landmarks it holds."



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