Abi Rached: Do not elect the destroyers of Lebanon's nature

NNA – “T.E.R.R.E. Liban” Association and Lebanon Eco Movement Head, Paul Abi Rached, criticized today the recent words by MP Gebran Bassil about Lebanon’s underground water, wondering how the MP can say that our underground water is polluted with sewage at a time when the energy and water ministers from his political team failed to do anything to protect it.

“You criticize the artesian wells, whose number exceeds 50,000 and most of them are unlicensed…What did you do at the Ministry of Energy and Water to regulate the use of underground water?" he asked Bassil.

“You have failed to preserve Lebanon's real wealth, and unfortunately you are constructing dams that leak water, or collect sewage water," Abi Rached said, in response to MP Bassil.

He added: "Which is better? To collect drinking water with dams coated with carcinogenic asphalt, at the cost of millions of dollars, because our land is leaking water and not suitable for dams, or should we rely on the wisdom of the Creator, and take advantage of our free underground water and prevent its pollution by sustainable management with the help of clean and wise ministers?”

Abi Rached stressed that “our underground water is renewable and overflowing with rivers that reach Turkey, Jordan and Palestine.”

He concluded by calling on the Lebanese “not to elect the destroyers of Lebanon’s nature, instead to hold them accountable!”



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