Weather: Partly cloudy with decrease in temperatures, scattered rain

NNA - Thursday’s weather is expected to be partly cloudy to cloudy coupled with a slight decrease in temperatures in coastal areas, yet without any modification in mountainous and internal regions. Scattered rain is expected to fall, especially in northern areas, and fog will continue to appear along heights, according to Beirut’s airport-based meteorology department. 

Coastal temperatures: 13 to 25 degrees Celsius

Mountainous temperatures: 8 to 19 degrees Celsius

Inland temperatures: 5 to 21 degrees Celsius

Surface winds: Gusting between 8 and 25 km/hr

Visibility: Good

Coastal humidity: 45 to 75%

Sea: Low waves, with surface water temperature at 24 degrees Celsius

Sunrise: 6:19

Sunset: 16:31




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