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Baisari urges unified political action on Syrian refugee crisis

NNA - Major General Elias Baisari, the Acting Director General of Lebanon’s General Security, on Thursday called for unified political action and societal support to address the extensive Syrian refugee crisis.

In an interview with "General Security" magazine, Baisari said, "The Syrian refugee crisis is too vast for the General Security to handle alone; it requires a united political decision and a supportive Lebanese society."

Moreover, Baisari criticized the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) for withholding crucial data on Syrian refugees, attributing it to international pressure.

"Any attempt to address the Syrian refugee crisis without accurate data is futile and nonsensical," he remarked. He also insisted, "We are adamant about receiving the full data unconditionally, as it is our sovereign right."

Baisari then highlighted that Syrian refugees now constituted 40% of Lebanon's population, significantly impacting Lebanese society. He stressed the need for political communication with Syria and a comprehensive plan endorsed by the government.

"Ending the presidential vacancy is the key to solutions," he added.

On the upcoming tourism season, Baisari assured, "We are committed to facilitating the entry and departure of tourists and expatriates, enhancing service quality at Beirut International Airport."

In conclusion, Baisari emphasized that the resolution of Lebanon's crises lies within the nation, calling for institutional reforms and a unified political decision to save Lebanon.




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