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Lebanese Foreign Affairs Committee briefs Latin American Ambassadors on southern Lebanon crisis

NNA - The Lebanese Foreign Affairs and Emigrants Committee, chaired by MP Fadi Alameh, on Wednesday convened a session attended by ambassadors from Latin American and Caribbean nations. The meeting aimed to brief these diplomats on the current situation in southern Lebanon, emphasizing the economic, social, health, agricultural, and environmental repercussions of the ongoing Israeli conflict.

Following the session, Alameh stated, "The committee has initiated a series of meetings with Lebanon's diplomatic friends and missions to inform them about the conditions in Southern Lebanon and the impact of the Israeli war on its citizens." 

Moreover, Alameh noted that scientific reports prepared by the Council of the South and the National Council for Scientific Research were presented to the attending ambassadors. Representatives from Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, and eight other nations received detailed accounts of the 5,069 recorded attacks as of June 5, a number that continues to rise.

Alameh also highlighted that, according to the reports, 28,875 people have been displaced as of June 5, with 98% relocating to Beirut and its suburbs. This displacement includes approximately 22,876 families fleeing the bombardments.

The reports also indicated severe disruptions in the education sector, with 75 public and private schools halting operations. 

Alameh then conveyed concerns raised by the attendees regarding the impact on Lebanon's educational standards. Furthermore, the reports documented significant agricultural damage due to the use of phosphorous and incendiary bombs, affecting over 1,682 hectares of land. Estimates suggest that around 12,000 hectares of agricultural land will be impacted, posing long-term challenges requiring substantial rehabilitation efforts to restore productivity and mitigate negative effects on the national economy.

"Today's meeting received positive feedback from the diplomatic corps and delegations from Latin America and the Caribbean. This session is part of a series of ongoing meetings. Next week, we will meet with ambassadors from Asia and Australia, followed by discussions with representatives from Europe, America, the UK, and Arab nations,” Alameh said, emphasizing that the presented reports are continuously updated, ensuring that new data is shared with diplomatic missions to highlight the plight of Southern Lebanon. 

"Unfortunately, international media often focuses on the settlers, numbering around 60 to 70, while we have over 87,000 Lebanese displaced. The international community must recognize the gravity of this issue," Alameh concluded. 





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